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Collab: Beat 'Em Up Spectacular

By JomoOval
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Okay so this is my first 10 person collab! It was a lot of fun seeing it all put together!
We each drew our own characters/sonas after picking a spot in the initial pose layout I planned out.
I tried to make sure to include almost everything you'd see in a Beat 'Em Up game.

Getting all the files situated, main organizer of the group event, owner of Jomo the Rat Bat: JomoOval

Background art, and owner of Herbert the drunk guy in the background:  snakedakyoot

Fixing up the piece, final edits, 1 background piece, and owner of Vice the Hyena: Illogical-Lynx 

Pixel work, nameplates and character bars: Imaus-Kynareth

Gator the Wolf:  jwolg

Fenrir the Wolf bandit: GreatWolf71691 

Tiber the Dragonborne: Young-Jacob 

Joey the Kangaroo: mattieguy95 

Tzara Tama: NukeyFox 

Brock the Croc: SteinWill
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The good old days of arcade

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Could be today too

Retro is in!

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Tip for Tzara: Press jump to kick enemy in front, press attack while landing to throw the enemy in front of you.

Learned that from playing the game Streets of Rage.

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Oh yeah, now I wanna play that game again

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They came out with Streets of Rage 4 for all modern systems as of writing this. I don't know how much good my old school gamer skills will do since I am now into fitness gaming.

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awesome fight would love to see more knockout character

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Lol thanks. I may consider it

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The hyena one sexy

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You're definitely not wrong there

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