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love it but is it a media player i assume? sorry i am new to this whole site and still lost as day 1 almost lol but  I LOVE THE FLOW OF THE LINES IN THIS! Keep up the great work and please let me know what this used for ty
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amazing and awesome. Great work!!!
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Dooood that's sweet. Pwnage solidity. Add an ounce more sharpness and it'll cause people to pass out from the awesomeness.
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one of your best thus far, luv it :)
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wooowww amazing why dont you put this on encide
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xixi~ i wish i can,but i wanna konw how i can get qualification to put on encide~~:meow:
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Work hard ;) take instructions from Tim Silva and i thing you will join one day :D lik i did.
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thx your encouragement i'll keep progressing to gain to join!!
learn from you as my example~~
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woww well im glad cuz i admire your works man especialy JOMMANS enginery if you continou t owork like that im sure that you gonna be one of the best in that work it has much more quality than all my designs. I Dont know how you made that but is definitly great you sould keep up working things like that :D.
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cause he can't join yet :(
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
encide stopped all invites for the time being :(
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
too many dickheads got invited by our newer members ... :(

so we had to put stop to it ..
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That it`s so cool :)
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