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Clock, clock, ticks and tocks
The mask it wears truly mocks
The fact that I remain hidden
I'll be true
The fact that I remain here

Waiting for you...

Tick and tock, I wish I could block
The sound of this taunting clock
Stuff some fingers into my ears
Damn you, I've been here for years

I'll close my eyes and take stock
Of my heart; hurry up and unlock
This endless moment of my pain
Damn you, I've waited in vain

Clock, clock, ticks and tocks
The mask it wears truly mocks
The fact that I remain bidden
To wait here
By your command, beck and call

Waiting for you...

Model : Jolene dearheart
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:O_o: that doesnt look like jolene!! this looks like a portfolio piece for a model ^_^
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That's beautiful, definitly my favorite picture of yours so far, a sure :+fav:
I love the colours, the dark greens and black work beautifully with the white skin and light reflections.
The only thing I might change if it were mine is the bit of floral pattern on the chair which is showing...
Mooshu's avatar
I love her porcelain skin...geez this is gorgeous!!! Fabulous...This looks like a painting...Oh my just absolutely beautiful... =)
raza-d's avatar
Very nice deviation. The model kicks ass too ! she'z beautiful!
Glammagal's avatar
Nice lighting and pic, well done :)
blackFaiRie's avatar
so expressive and deep!!!
confusedAin's avatar
i like this... what did u do to it?
adonis4573's avatar
is that really jolene???? geez how different...sorry..didnt recognise her.
obviously, im not commenting on the actual piece..... :+fav: <--- thats says it all
O-Wise-Master's avatar
these pics are brilliant - you gotta tell me what equipment you use - and you are a master of lighting - supreme.
Mohawkeman's avatar
damn man, this is superb! The light reflecting off the chair against all that darkness is perfect! Really beautiful shot!
mrthis's avatar
the colour and contrast are brilliant. well done
echo-medea's avatar
wowh this model looks so different everytime, but always gorg...specially here :)
perhaps a little too dark in the right corner but damn good anyho
SpiralSpring's avatar
wow..i really like is awesome, and i love how you can only see her hand and face. like the rest of her body just :) amazing!
Heidi-V-Art's avatar
I love the poem! She looks so peaceful and beautiful! XD
darkotaku's avatar
Great pose, and contrasting effect. It truly is an amazing piece.
danymoOn's avatar
that's BEAUTIFUL .. god.. i admire your works so much.. :worship: thank you for making my fav's gallery grow more and more with brilliant works like this one :clap:

:+favlove: congrats hun! =D

selke's avatar
Gorgeous. :fav:
selke's avatar
One of these days, I WILL be able to use the emoticons without having to check them out first. I meant: :+fav:

Sorry abou that. :)
chucksgal's avatar
Jolene looks awesome in this one....kind of like a very pretty Mona Lisa! I love the moody colors and the poetry as well!
jaxabrat's avatar
this one i love!! her expression is priceless, like she knows a secre,t well done!!
livingindarkness's avatar
Wonderful shot. I love this. I didn't even realize it was Jolene, she looks so different. :)
Jomina's avatar
definately one of the advantages of working with her.. she can get these great expressions, that, depending on where i put the lights, makes her into like 5 different people lol i love that its a 5fer! :D

And thank you! I am definately glad you liked this one, i do believe its my personal favorite of my own goodies lol
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Love the photo in this one especially. Very taunting somehow. Good job.
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