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Shadow Of My Heart

By Jomina
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Tears of my solitude
Fall down my chin
The haze on my mind
It covers my sin

I'm falling deeper
In a pit of despair
I deeply hope soon
I'll no longer care

Caring's for babies
My mother once said
I can't stop thinking
It rings in my head

But in my sad heart
I am dimly aware
I truly do love him..
Apart my solitude tear


NOTE : This piece took me overall about a week to complete. it went through a few transformations, but when I was done with it the first time, i got hit by an inspiration and completely redid the whole coposition, a couple times, til you see what's here hehe

Personally, i think this is my best painting as of yet.

Technicals :

Media : PS 7
Time Involved : Way too much. Perhaps 50 overall, given the total re-composing of it
Brain Cells Lost : No brain cells were harmed in the making of this picture... though there was a squirrel who may never be the same again. Oh, and a kitten looked at me funny.

FULLVIEW CRITICAL or you WILL miss detailing heh

NOTE ALSO : If it appears "too light" or something, you need to adjust your gamma settigs on your monitor hehe theres a lot of black in this one
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This is stunning, very well done :-)
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This echoes how I've been feeling lately. Such a great job!
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had many days like that
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the pic reminds me of the song " cry me a river "
smokesmokefayefaye's avatar
tragic..i love it..i sense deep emotion..and thats what i believe creates awesome pieces of work..your poetry is beautiful too..awesome job.
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beautifully done Ira :) :+fav:

"though there was a squirrel who may never be the same again. Oh, and a kitten looked at me funny." :lol: cute :D
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GEEEEE you really used a billion variations of grey didn't you????

The way her hair looks almost photographic is incredibly...poignant? It draws attention to the figure in the middle and the darkness of her face compared to the whiteness of her legs (extreme whiteness!).

Kiiiinda freaky...
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Full of emotions, such pain, this look, abandoned doll, it makes my heart cry...
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It is wonderful... a little bit sad.. but really beautiful! Congratulations!! :rose: :+fav: :blackrose:
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I havent seen much of your work lately. I see now what I have been missing out on. I love this piece, it's really calm and somewhat dark. Great job! :+fav:
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So dark yet touching. I see tears flowing down the steps. I hope I'm seeing that right. This is really very good. You're improving by leaps and bounds in digital painting. :thumbsup:
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Stunning piece of art, Ira. Such an emotional and heart wrenching feel I get when I look at this. Excellent work.
confusedAin's avatar
beautiful... actually it looks more like a charcoal sketching than a painting.... heheh
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This is definately your best, Ira..IMHO!! I love that the demeanor of the girl and her environment so well reflect the despair displayed in the beautiful poem. Very well done! I am duly impressed! :clap:
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very intresting, i love the darkness of this.
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That is awsome really really good the poem is so emotional and the painting fits with it like two the final piece of a puzzel.. lovely!!!! keep up the EXCELLENT work!!!!
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excellent wrk tone and realism always awesome to see ur wrk
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Fantastic Ira, looks really nice :)
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Hey I am telling you.. those eveil blood sucking squirrels are evil.. and that kitten was taz :P he loves ya so leave him alone!


love this image hon.. I am proud to have helped you the entire time with it
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Thank you hon :giggle: :hug:

You were patient with the many updates for sure ;)

i think personally it is my best ever, but hopefully everyone else will too ;)

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