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Current Residence: Somewhere in Indiana, I think. Hard to tell from all the corn flying in the tornados

Personal Quote: I've always said i am the strangest person I have ever met. I try to live up to that every day.

For edification, I am an author (14 books and dozens of short stories published), streamer, and artist, and I do it all while being blind. Yep. Blind.

Tools of the Trade
XP Pen Deco Pro, Photoshop 2021, Painter 2021, my weirdness...
Oh good LAWD it's been YEARS! So, it has been about 12 years since I've done a post here, but I thought I would come by, kick off the dust, and see what happens. Let me catch you up a little bit... About 14 years ago or so, my vision started to go to pot. Genetic defect kicked in on me and progressed to the point I could barely see anything anymore. 12 years ago, it reached a peak (or would that be canyon in this case?) that I could no longer get any art work done. I gave it all up. Just could not do it anymore. Well, progress forward a number of years, and a lot of writing later (14 books published, as well as dozens of short stories), as well as spending years being a talk radio host... I have started to do art again. This time around, I am doing painting. All digital, because it'd be a bit dangerous for me to do it with traditional due to my eyesight (lack thereof lol), but painting nonetheless. So I will be posting what I create here for you guys and we'll see what you
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Well Hey Guys!

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Hey hey! It's me! That's right, still alive and kicking, and in a major creative burst lately, apparently lol :)  3 new postings in as many days! Been a long time since that has happened! Things are going okay on this end, eyes are still shot to all hell, and harder to see every day, but i am still plugging along and smiling... that's gotta count for something, right?  :) Have ya'll checked out the videos we have been doing? they're all up at and we've been really busy doing them.  I just put up a VERY cool animation on there a couple days ago, which i am VERY proud of.  Would love some feedback from you guys on it
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Well, hey guys :) Wanted to pop in and do a shout that I posted another video over on YouTube... thought you guys would enjoy this one quite a bit. Pretty funny :) I'm also going to start doing Vlogs, for those interested in such a thing.  Unsure of the frequency, but figure it'll be every couple days or so.  My aim is to make people laugh, and keep you entertained So, anyhow, the new video is up at and I would so appreciate ya'll taking a look.  Toss it a rating, comment on it, whatever you desire.  Hoping to get some exposure hehe I've also got a picture that I will be posting in the next day
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hey, i made a fan page for my art. check it out and add me if you are on facebook. here is the link [link]!/pages/Sydney-Alex-Photography/111158632237367 and i will add you as well if you are on facebook.
Thank you for the favourite, Ira. :heart:
Hey, Ira! I hope you post some new stuff soon! I'm back under this account now (the former :iconsailor-rocket: lol). I'm gonna put you on our watch and hope for your swift return! <3
Happy Birthday Ira :)
Long time no hear, bro. How you doing these days? 46k+ views is pretty impressive. I remember the days you were below 4k! Lmao -

Loving the new stuff - haven't checked it out since forever and they are pretty impressive.