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Day 6: TF a Virmir Day

a day specifically dedicated to transforming this fox :iconvirmir: 
why? the better question is why not =P

when turning others into gators it's very important to use the rubber band while the changes are happending, dont want to loose an arm in their confusion~

day 6 drawing of this challenge: July Drawing Challenge
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Virmir is like big walking Mark with note "transform me" XD
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Stop turning foxes into dragons 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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Aww, but it's fun! EVIL Laughter! 
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Is he sick? He looks a little green...
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How is the new form virmir
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I would've never thought about using a rubber band. :I
Thank you so much, you have probably saved my arm from a future plan.
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pfft what future plan? xD

i forgot where i saw that from but yeah its a thing
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It's a secret >w>

Interesting thing, I have to say. owo
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definitely x3

The reason it works is because while crocodillians are very good at keeping their jaws locked down because of their powerful closing muscles, the muscles responsible for opening it back up are much weaker. So you can pinch them shut with a rubber band. Or your hands. Or even the claw of a crab.

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Me: When I say "I say", you say "why". ;^)
Me: I say
You: why
Me: Why not? ;^)
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Well that's embarrassing... XD
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When I asked for help crossing the swamp, this isn't what I meant!
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well now you can cross the swamp in style!
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Hahaha i get it
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'w' but its what ya got!
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You have a very, elaborate schedule =P
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hehe thanks =u=
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