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DotW: Diablo (Updated 12/6/2020)

:new: - 08/01/2021: Moved Diablo onto the new Template! Just some minor changes and additions other then that ♥

08/01/2021: NEW ART!! I loved the old art but I was trying so hard to make my style more realistic in the old image, this is definitely more true to my style and shows his features better! Only some slight marking changes~ 

- 6/1/2019: 
Diablo is in!! Joins Chandor on !! ♥

I am the creation of a beautiful woman, and a terrible man.
If this world had been fair, I would have never been born.

Basic Info

Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Height:  35"
Weight: 118 lbs
Build: Large and sturdy build. Small, focused eyes. Thick legs and sizeable paws. Knicked ears. Thick short tail. Extremely dense fur, especially in the chest (very nice, very soft, but more importantly very difficult for teeth and claws to get through). Scars on bridge of nose and underneath left eye.

Territory: Chandor
Family: N/A
Rank: Delta (A'o) Bear Totem


Reserved, patient, observant, sometimes withdrawn, polite, talented, curious, intelligent, reliable.

:new: Diablo has changed a lot since joining Chandor. He has now been with his new pack for a year, and there have been some noticeable changes in his demeaner. When he joined the domain, Diablo was rather distant. All his interactions were polite, but short, and his packmates struggled to get to know him. He spent the majority of his time outside the main dens and by himself, unused to being around so many after his seasons of loner-life. 

Slowly, over time, a few wolves were able to dig in a little deeper. It took patience, and a bit of persistence due to Diablo never going out of his way to start anything. These wolves have been rewarded with a reliable friend, a pleasant packmate, and the whole of Chandor has benefited from this consistent and dutiful wolf. Some of his features seem to have softened, and his eyes carry less of an intensity then they used to when he's within the heart of the territory. He is always willing to assist anyone that requests his help, even in tasks he's not quite familiar with. Though he's no social butterfly, Diablo is a really easy guy to talk to and is always available as a sturdy shoulder to lean on. He's managed not to step on any paws and seems to be in good standings with all his pack members, and he intends to keep it this way. 

His fierce loyalty is growing inside him as he starts to gain closer relationships, causing him a small amount of anxiety, and even nightmares as the fear of losing those close to him grows. This fear has only grown with the lost of one of his closest friends, Tieru. Life was a bit easier when you don't care about anyone.

Now he has a large handful of wolves he cares for, perhaps even one he'd give his life for, and his devotion for Chandor as a whole is steadily growing. 

Pre-Group History: 

Diablos previous pack was as opposite of Chandor as it could be, which was exactly his point.

He was born into the Heuso pack, a pack full of selfishness and awful intentions, lacking even a drop of common sense. 
His parents were the alphas, and he grew up with his brother Dios. There were 3 other siblings in his litter, but they didn't even make it to half a year.

Starting from a very young age he began to question the beliefs and practices of his pack, especially the intentions of his father, Mal. The pack was full of malicious wolves who were all only interested in their own well being and were ruled by his tyrant of a father. His father was foolish, he believed himself a god and thought all of us should be grateful to be in his care. 
There was no loyalty, there were no tight bonds, there was nothing that should have kept them together but the hatred in their hearts.

Even his wonderful, wonderful mother, Buena, was subject to his father's mistreatment. He stole her from a distant pack, claiming that her beauty made her destined to be by his side. Despite this, she had worked so hard to raise all of their pups, but his foolishness was running resources dry, and his selfishness prevented her from giving them what they needed. Only the strongest survived the winter, just as Mal had wanted. All that was left was Diablo and Dios, who would be the next in line to inherit this toxic excuse of a pack, his loyal "family". As the two matured, Mal could see the strong wolves they were turning into. Dios had a thirst for his throne, and Diablo had a fierce determination for change, the two terrified him. Luckily for the twisted alpha, the brothers were not a joined force and had their own hatred for each other. Diablo can thank Dios for the dual knicks in his ears, a result of "play" fights from when they were young.

As Diablo grew older, he patiently watched the pack slowly crumble. Everyone enjoyed hunting for sport, gluttoning up during the summer and then leaving them starving during the winter. The pack's behavior was driving the prey away, turning already irritable wolves to the point of desperation. Their alpha was aging and was failing as a leader, but refused to let someone more capable take his place, he would fight to the death to defend his position. In the end, he did. 

The pack finally destroyed itself when Diablo was a juvenile, one of the warriors of the pack took on Mal and defeated him, but once Mal was killed and Buena died of starvation, the pack was disbanded, torn apart by their own hatred and cruelty. Diablo and his brother went their separate ways, his brother was determined to start his own pack, to reign supreme - just as cruelly and stubbornly as his father had. Diablos only desire was to be alone.

Diablo then spent his next few seasons a loner, maturing and teaching himself true survival and how to respect the earth. He lacked any passion and had no specific goal, there was no desire to search out a mate, or take over an existing pack as his father had and his brother would. Even just joining a pack was a painful idea to him, how could he trust anyone but himself? Seasons of silence dug at his soul, his success as a hunter was all he had. He had so many ideas, and so many questions, along with a quiet but nagging hunger to be with others. He ignored it for so long, blamed it on instinct, but after two years of solitude, he found Chandor. Hopefully, this pack will answer his questions and fulfill his curiosity, or at least prove to him he was right to be alone all along.

Group History

6/1/2019: Diablo leaves his life as a loner and becomes a member of Chandor (Canonically in Summer 2019)
6/10/2020: Diablo becomes a Delta Bear Totem. (Canonically in Autumn 2020)

Love Interest: tba
Friends: Arcuza, Tieru (deceased), Polarstag, Alyan, Nadia.
Enemies: none

Art © JollyMutt   
Character © JollyMutt
Program - Paint Tool SAI
You are not allowed to use my artwork 
in any way, shape, or form without my permission! 
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I love this update! He is simply gorgeous.