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Impulsive Cosmopha-Jerry

Did I go too far with the title?  Sounding a bit too Thesaurus-y, I think.

Okay, so the basic story behind the picture:

Jerry manages to convince Rick to take the family on a sort of vacation across some of the more "safe" dimensions out in the infinite multiverse.  After some jabbing insults from Jerry's father-in-law over his ineptitude to keep his family happy during one of their stops, he takes Rick's interdimensional portal device and manages to transport himself to a strange, rocky wasteland.  The family passes into the dimension, where Rick and Jerry start scuffling over control of the portal device, which results in the device being accidentally flung into a deep pit of boiling hot fluid.  Days pass by as they look for signs of anything that could either result in their rescue or lead to the recovery of the portal device.  Sores and calluses begin to form, their clothes rip from the rocky terrain, and even Rick ends up badly injured and needing a sling to carry his broken arm, which Morty gladly gives his shirt in order to help his grandfather and to better stand the unrelenting heat himself.

Starving, they give traveling the sweltering, humid expanse one last try.  Suddenly, Jerry spots something!  A table, pristine, as if someone had laid it out for him to get one last bit to eat before everyone else started cannibalizing each other.  But the allure of the white table sheets doesn't escape the rest for long.  A race to what seems to be their only source of food commences!  However, Rick begins to realize by the sudden rumblings of the ground beneath him that their voracity will lead them all to mortal danger.  The delicious meal upon the extraordinarily out-of-place dining table was more than what it seemed...
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So this was a semi finalist for a contest? For me this is the winner as it is really original. The meat ball being the planet at the same time? Awesome. Great work!

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Thank you. A lot of people loved this one, it was a good confidence booster.

Winning the contest would have been real neat, but that's the farthest I ever got in a contest so far, so I'm happy. And the VA for Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland was a judge who got to see my art :D It was a great experience for sure.

Maybe I'll catch another contest and try again sometime.

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You're a winner already, even without the contest and without Justin being the judge. Nice imagination and a good concept was thrown there.

TheOrichalcumSpider's avatar
I could see this happening.
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Creative story! 👍
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My views on this pic? "Jerry you f**king idiot, you killed us all"
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MyNameIsEmeralds's avatar
He has loads of other things to eat besides themselves, Stupid Jerry.
darkron's avatar
Does anyone realize that the meatball is the planet
TheMicroscopicBoy's avatar
Amazing work , I wonder what happens next XD
JMLemmon's avatar
we know they don't get eaten. Lol
Star-Sanchez's avatar
i love the story along with this
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RedFireD0g's avatar
This is easily the cleverest of the contest entries, and something that wouldn't feel out of place on the show.
Aldridge517's avatar
This is an excellent concept! Very befitting of a Rick and Morty scenario.
Skauldrin's avatar
man i thought you were gunna win this thing but i really liked your art style you a good jobStar! gold star for you
PhantomGirl's avatar

So Jerry grew a beard but Rick didn't?
It's ridiculous that this didn't even place in the top three. The others might have had a more sophisticated art style, but they also didn't make much sense, or relied too much on lazy callbacks. Yours was the only one creative enough that it actually felt like it could have been from the show.
godsmack67's avatar
This one was easily my fav. Really wanted you to win.
HermanManly's avatar
This really should have won first place. They don't even mention this anywhere, I feel like the must have overlooked it :(
jollyjolea's avatar
I got a runner up, it's posted on the semi-finalists.
AprilMcGuire's avatar
If it's any consolation, someone shared your picture somewhere on the web and it was the drawing that finally got me to watch Rick and Morty! Haha. Your drawing really does fit the personality of the show and I hope you know you did really well on it! You still got fans! :D
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I really really really really really really really really really really really really really want you to win.
jollyjolea's avatar
Didn't even place in anything, pretty bummed out. T_T
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