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By jollyjack

Well, that's the end of an era.

I'd been using the platform for about 15 years, and then, out of the blue, they terminated my account. Apparently I had "violated their terms of service" with the (undeniably) lewd content I'd been uploading there, which both Lulu and I had been profiting from..... for 15 years.

It's baffling that they'd boot me out with no warning, especially since they were fully aware of the content - there was even a tick-box you had to mark if the product contained explicit material - rather than blitz the offending works and send an email saying "Hey, no more of this. We've changed out policy".

I guess it's the kick up the butt I needed to move off the platform. It's been a stressful chore dealing with them since they did whatever the f**k it was that made their website unusable for most of 2020, and I'd noticed a drop in quality of their hardcopy books: washed-out inks on low grade paper stock, warped at the spine.

I've moved all of the Apsara content over to Gumroad (which, thus far, I have found to be a much more pleasant site to work on - I hope THAT lasts!) and I'm looking into republishing hardcopy works, such as the collected volumes of Sequential Art, via Amazon's KDP service.

I'll keep you posted on future developments!

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Yeah it seems to be going around nowadays. If you run a site that sells art there is no reason to show "common courtesy" by warning your patrons that you are going to turn into stupid bastards and ban the content that makes you money.

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Under new management maybe?

Suggestion for your Werewolf Wednesdays: “HOW TO DATE A WEREWOLF GIRL”.

Take her out to dinner (she picks up a rare steak with her hands and messily bites into it).

Take to the movies (role-reversal where the taller girl puts her arm over her date’s shoulders).

Go on a walk in the park (she chases after a squirrel and her poor date gets dragged along for the ride).

Go for a drive with the top down (happy werewolf sitting her head out the car window).

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Welp, sorry to hear about Lulu being dicks, but sadly you switching to gumroad means I won't be able to buy your stuff anymore. Gumroad only has two supported payment methods; Credit card and Paypal. Credit cards you can't get in my country unless you make a six figure income, which I am way below sadly. And paypal and Gumroad don't seem to like each other. I've never managed to have paypal accept my transaction to Gumroad.

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Strange, I had no issues using paypal

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does gumroad do prints for you, or juts allow you to sell them?

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Working with Amazon for hard copies? If you're going that route I'd love to see a digital versions of Little Victory or Bad Nero available on comixology for easy download for my Kindle Fire, anyway that would be possible, Phil?

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I'll certainly look into it :)

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Why would they do that, you are so an amazing artist. catching love

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Almost sounds like a lewd purge much like everything else is going on with lewd stuff.

1st it was tumbler, then patreon, it just goes on...... I even looked at reviews of lulu before I ordered some of your stuff to see how good, bad, or un-reliable they were and the remarks were rather intelligent and yet hateful from other writers publishing there.

Hopefully Gumroad doesn't give you much trouble, I know some accounts were given warnings based on their preview image's so hopefully it works out for yea ^.^

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What's the problem with all these companies?
Brother-Rosscoe's avatar

No idea, likely related too not want to support artists who sell lewd works.

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Okay but why so many companies?

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I’m sorry to hear about that. Will there be another way to view your content?

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As a former worker at myself, I gotta say that I'm sorry that happened to you. And I wish you the best of luck with Gumroad. It's been the best site to shop in and work with when it comes to artwork, comics and videos of all kinds. Though, I never tried publishing stuff on there before while I was still looking for a better spot to make and publish physical copies in case I sell the work at cons. But I suppose one day, I'll consider it.
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Do you by any chance know any alternative sights similar to Lulu
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All I can think of so far is CreateSpace. Though, it's Amazon property now. There's also Ka-Blam Digital Printing, which I still haven't tried out yet, but still have an account on there.

Whoohoo! I look forward to more stuff from ya, JJ. Best of luck!

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That sucks man. seems like theres no place to go for porn anymore..

Sounds familiar. Everyone seems to be into either cost-cutting out the wazoo despite the fact that's a proven way to tank your business, or kicking all the lewd material off despite the fact that's a proven way to tank your business. or both.

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im glad youre still here. what really matters, even if a site named after a toilet cant accept your brilliant work

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I ordered those two big art ominbus books from them years ago and it didn't seem like low quality printing then. I guess they must have really gone downhill since then. Lulu has gone down the Dumblr path! Oh well, like I said before, I use Gumroad and PayPal frequently, so I'll still be on board buying the newest comics like today's.

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