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I was recently mentioned in a comment where my DevArt stats (views per day, comments per deviation, etc) were being compared with those of other (in my opinion: better) artists. The question over why mine were higher was being discussed.
Though they never touched on it, I think volume is the key.
Said “better artists” have around 300-800 images in their DA gallery, while I’ve sharted 2,750 or so onto the website.
Throw enough stuff around and something will invariably stick…. Or, at the very least, the stench will be noticed!
Content is king. If you want your work to sustain an audience, you have to keep producing it so they come back. One masterpiece might garner a few “oohs” and “aahs”, but a series of intriguing-though-lesser oddities, and the promise that more are on the way, will keep attention.
That’s not to say you should rattle out nothing but half-hearted bullsh*t (though I will readily admit that there’s a little bit of that in my gallery. We all have off days). You gotta love what you do, and it should be because you love what you do that you do it, not because you’re trying to rack up a high view count.
I promise you, I’d still be drawing my silly comics if there were only four of you watching me, because I have a lot of fun making them.
I would, however, still be an employee at a studio rather than self-employed. If you’ve made that jump, THEN you can fret over numbers, because you’ve reached a point where they have real-world meaning rather than just act as fuel for your ego. Low numbers would mean people aren’t seeing the work, meaning low sales, meaning unpaid bills, meaning a future living in a cardboard box under a bridge.
If none of that is a factor for you: f**k the numbers. Page one of your comic only had 5 views? Screw it. You’re having fun. Onto page two. Then page three. Focus on creating something that makes you smile. Because if it makes YOU smile then it’s guaranteed to make a few other people smile, and that’s the start of you building an audience.

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and that is  what counts 
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wise words Jolly Jack! lol
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Good advice. Thank you.
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jollyjack  You know, this is something I NEEDED to hear.  Especially since I am running an independent manga/gaming/anime website for editorials and reviews and shit.  Thanks man.
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This picture... It speaks 'volumes', yes.
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I also think the mix of fanstuff and original helps.

Fanstuff helps draw people in. Then when they're in, they start following your characters and such which can only be had from you. So both an in-route and something to keep them in.
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You make a point that I can barely make a comment on.
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I apologize for bringing you into that conversation! I adore your 'garbage' (enough to pay for it in book, pdf, and Patreon form) and I did eventually mention that the key to success in this arena is numbers, but you were probably too smart (and busy) to read that far down the comment chain!
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"You gotta love what you do, and it should be because you love what you do that you do it, not because you’re trying to rack up a high view count."
Loved that phrase (no sarcasm)
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I shamelessly admit I'm here because of Sunstone.

I stay because of a similar reason people listen to Howard Stern: "what is he going to do next?"

...is that cultural reference still viable?
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Porn or Funny Comics is how you get numbers.  Your "How to Play" comics are what got me to follow you. 
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Didn't realise you were a dead ringer for John Goodman...
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Apparently, it's also about botted foreign server farms that steal and aggregate your content without your consent that drives views.

All praise the algorithm!

(on a side note, you make me want to draw more, even if my sketches are crap, it seems people like them better than the polished pieces. Perhaps because they crave content but aren't patient enough for delayed gratification anymore. I honestly don't get it. Numbers, man...)
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If people want to get popular they only need follow the FCFF rule of social media art: Fucking. Cute. Fanart. Frequently.
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And that is why You're stuck with me as a viewer. :D
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I totally agree. When you love your own work, others will love it too. 
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Very well said dude! :clap:
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That pic speaks to me on so many levels.....
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Such a truth.

Volume also means that there's more opportunities for:
Front page
Cross linking
Having ended up in someone's favorites that someone else sees
Popping up in people's notifications

And probably other things that all are automatic marketing for the work.
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Isn't the Internet a popularity contest...?
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