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The Martians (or "Yip yips") from Sesame Street: among the most terrifying creatures from my childhood - [link]

It doesn't matter how you look at it; any creature that can pull its bottom lip completely over its head is monumentally f**ked up.
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still one of my favorite pictures
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Are you talking about the Yip-yips?  They were some of Hanson's silliest creatures.  If you want a terrifying beast, that was my grandpa's Holstein bull!  If you weren't walking on four legs, you better be able to run the hundred yard dash under 5 seconds! 
They are not the most terrifying creatures.
LOL I remember them.
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ah would like these thing's if ah could go ta one con and not see them EVERY DAY.
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Hah! I loved these guys! :)

There was a guy who dressed as one of these for a Halloween costume contest a few years ago at my girlfriend's workplace. He didn't win anything, which I thought was a criminal offense.
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I gotta make a cartoon about this one!
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i really like this one :happybounce:
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This cracks me up!
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Loved those guys.
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Those Martians were awesome.
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They never bothered me. Humpty Dumpty was way, way worse. I think it was the teeth and the eyes that did it. :paranoid:
Subaqueous's avatar amazing...please put down the implements...
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omgggggggggg, this image~ \|'> (i actually really like them as a kid~ :'S )
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I loved the Yip tip aliens when I was little, but it's been so long I forgot what they were called.
Thank you for bringing back one of my favorite little piece of childhood TV, even if you hate the little guys. XD
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I saw some folks who had a very impressive cosplay of both of them at Nekocon in Virginia.
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Oh god the Yip yip Martians have gone........ Evil? Yip yip Evil! Yiiip yip yip.
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ooooh.... .chicken... chicken... oh yipyipyipyipyip yip hmmmmmm chicken
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