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Wonder Woman

By jollyjack
Quick pic of my fave part from the movie: crossing No Man's Land.
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Aww yeah, the best scene in the entire movie. So epic and cool. Great job recreating it.
Best part of the movie!
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That scene was so badass!!! This picture is badass!!!
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Wonder Womaaaaan! ^^
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I am thrilled that this movie is going to inspire young girls to play with swords and shields.  No, really, I'm not being sarcastic.  This is a good thing and I am thrilled.  In an honest and non-pervy way.
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That's true, I think. Really liked Mulan as a kid, and always hoped that some girls saw her as an inspiration. I certainly looked for her traits in girls I met. Speaking in modern terms, I can quite say that Mulan was my waifu)
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The Wonder Woman film is the best thing about the DC cinematic universe.
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there is not dc cinematic universe. 
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Hmm, then what are refer to then. Since all these DC property are trying to do the Marvel thing.
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then they shoulda done a batman movie, a cyborg movie, a flash movie, a batman sequel, a superman movie, a wonder woman movie, superman sequel. and a justice league movie. etc
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There was a Superman solo movie you know. It was called Man of Steel, but it was the beginning of DC cinematic universe. DC is playing the check up game.
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Because no man owns it...she does.
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Nice job on the bullet sparks, a little detail but you made it look good 
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Very Good!! 
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What is it with the thighs?
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I kept hearing about this scene, over and over, and thank goodness it lived up to the hype.  <3 <3 <3

(and best of all no one said anything about the ending and kept things wrapped up which was lovely too)
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