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Windswept Chloe - Colour

By jollyjack
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Quick little practice piece.
Tried building up the shadows a bit more with this one rather than attempting to add highlights because....well; I'm a bit crap when it comes to highlights.
Need to work at a speedy method of applying them, otherwise I might as well just stick with producing B&W sequential work.
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Hope the wind doesn't blow away your tank-tops.
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and then the wind stops blowing.
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This picture of Chloe looks very nice as well, man! :D
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Beautiful character, also shes got the cutest face eva^-^
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nothing against furries, i normally am not one but that, good sir, is something i would tap.
what program did you use?
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any work you do is great!How old are you and what do you color with?
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In color, she's even more elegant and beautiful.
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This looks nice, especially because she looks sexy. ;)
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Um Um * Looks away and wipes drool *....
If I was an animal I would love to mount her >.>
By God..HOTNESS * Twitchs * What are you doing to me here...I look at all your stuff and begin to drool...By the time I am done I will be swiming. XD
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Regarding your comment: I usually do quick highlights with a standard low opacity brush (10% or so), that usually works fine.

Onto the pic: Blown by the wind smexy!
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sexy yeah.
Love yor work.
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Very Sexy pose. And great artwork

Chloe 4ever
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I very rarely use any highlights on my stuff - its an extra step that, more often than not, doesn't really need it.
Unless I'm drawing bare boobs, then highlights are TOTALLY necessary ^_^
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i don't know why, but this song keeps playing on my head

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Man it looks awesome.
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Smexy. Love her tail, so fluffya!
Wolf-ROCK's avatar
nice and sexy~!!
FCM-NileSnake's avatar
Chloe's looking great as always! I like your new coloring by the way.
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How pretty. =3 Chloe looks so cute!
saffronpanther's avatar
She's color!
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Now that's what we've been talking about! XD
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