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Werewolf 2021 08 25

Werewolf Wednesday.
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This lovely werewolf girl deserves a promotion.

Dress code violation. That skirt is way too long.

rudeboy308's avatar

I'd hire her! Great work on this entry for Werewolf Wednesday.

Zodiark14's avatar

want to work alongside her.

r3v3r53d's avatar

She looks like an office Wolf - but those glasses make me think Librarian - if that was the case she's a 9-5 Hush-Puppy ;)

I hope she's gotten a promotion, and not been fired!

SuperCDR's avatar

She looks insanely cute!

Chwen-Hoou's avatar

Beautiful job on this new office worker. ^_^

corporalhicks42's avatar

Hehe! She is adorable with her glasses and for some reason that Haircut made me grin hugely. Well done. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Part of the Great Resignation, I assume.

OutlawMoruko's avatar

very awesome 😁

TheTubich's avatar

Very good job :]

cullyferg2010's avatar

Is she moving in, or moving out? Must make the office scene 'very interesting'! Thank you, Arte!

If she's coming in, then things will get pretty exciting around the office! If she's leaving, then the place will be dull for some time!

K4nK4n's avatar

She's so impossibly adorable!

Shirogitsune's avatar

*a nine-tailed kitsune in a suit walks into frame*

"Hi, Shiro of Nine Tails and Co. Have you or someone you know been wrongfully terminated because of lycanthropy? We will fight for you! No one has the right to fire you for discrimination over your appearance or new and pre-existing conditions. If you or someone you know has been fired because of you new or pre-existing lycanthropy, calls the lawyers of Nine Tails and Co. at 1-800-555-9FOX! We're the only legal team licensed in both mortal and Fae courts! Call us at 1-800-555-9FOX today!"

TheRockinStallion's avatar

What a cutie!! Hopefully she has her stuff packed up because she got a promotion.

Wait, is she new, or did she just get fired?

2008: The werewolf of Wall Street is laid off by Lehmann Brothers...

haruau's avatar

either fired or hired, frankly i think firing her is a big mistake. So in my opinion, she was hired, and this is her carrying extra stuff to her workplace.

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