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Werewolf 2021 05 12

Werewolf Wednesday.
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MayhemAce's avatar

That's the" omg I can't believe this happened to me" look.

Wallaroo's avatar

Newly-Transformed Brunette Werewolf- Oh, CRAP! OH CRAP-OH CRAP-OH CRAP!

What JUST happened to ME?!?!?!

Zodiark14's avatar

i want her to be my gym partner! woof!

Chwen-Hoou's avatar

They never mentioned this in the workout brochure.

Yes. We definitely need someone like her in the Avengers.

Love the innocent look to her eyes.

SCITZ's avatar

...I am NOt staring, I am NOT staring, I am NOT Staring!...

ArtWalker98's avatar

Then take a different workout training, away from the mirror.

YEP... Time for a shower.

Vixerox's avatar

At least one clueless gym rat is going to ask her what she got those sick gains from?

SeiberSaiban's avatar

Well, at least you didn't lose your good looks.

rudeboy308's avatar

Thanks to you and works like this, I keep wanting a werewolf girl harem! Excellent work!

digitalspiritx's avatar

Time to invest in some spandex.

cullyferg2010's avatar

"Wait a minute! Did I forget to shave this morning?"

sweet lordy yes

ScottRocks20's avatar

You should experiment more with the color of the girls, a lot of them look too similar to each other, like I swear you drew this one in the past already.

Darkblade2000us's avatar

and a full moon to booty

Shirogitsune's avatar

It saddens me to know I don't exist in a universe where I might have a strong werewolf girlfriend.

Elephantking89's avatar

She’s getting prepared for the Ms. Lycanthrop bodybuilding competition

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