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Werewolf Wednesday.
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MayhemAce's avatar

I would be on the other end of that phone saying anything to get together with her.

Burksaurus's avatar

Whoa, she's beautiful talking on the phone.

CrazedGallery's avatar

What is that a Landline phone oh my that is so last century. Lol. Very well drawn!

Chwen-Hoou's avatar

A she-wolf sex line sounds like a good idea.

K4nK4n's avatar

Luscious lady.

Saberhagen's avatar

Very alluring. The heaviness of the breasts is particularly nice, as is their curve. Great work as always.

cullyferg2010's avatar

Must be ordering an extra, extra large all meat pizza.

skyounkinzero's avatar

Loving the longer nose look!!

jellox's avatar

What am I wearing you ask?

akatsukifan12345's avatar

Today is a good day

Every Wednesday is a good day

I love it too sexy

It's that pervert ringing her up and panting heavily down the phone at her... Again...

rudeboy308's avatar

Chat with hot werewolf women today at 1-976-SHE-WOLF. $2.99 the first 2 minutes, $1.99 each additional minute. Hurry, they're waiting for you!

Awesome work on another sexy werewolf woman.

Dragonkingmark's avatar

just chilling, cute

SeiberSaiban's avatar

She's in bed, got really comfortable, so she could be on a partyline or somebody just called her.

You have to be made of steel and have the health of 10000 strong stallions to survive her

NickMaster64's avatar

big and sexy nice =//w//=

I imagine she's a wealthy wolf, too, in what looks like a fancy French hotel. "Hello, room service? I'd like to order 6 bellboys. Make sure they're fresh..."

Love her wrapping they cord about her little finger.

corporalhicks42's avatar

Hmm. Not an Englishman but I do believe this lady defines the acronym POSH.

srmalloy's avatar

And not an acronym, but 'plush'.

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