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We Take The Sky

By jollyjack
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A good thing cut short waaaay too soon. I know it's been 13 years, BUT IT STILL HURTS!!!!
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Lol,I know this Channel it's in Egypt! XD
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yes it does, I just finished watching Con Man; good show :P
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Ack, too soon.  TOO SOON! *sob*
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Unless there's enough of a rabid following (and I mean a rabid following, I'm glad that House had such a following, medical students benefit heavily from that show), they kill any good show.  What's worse...they held the TV rights in stasis rather than yield them.  They had a good thing going with "Sarah Connor Chronicles" But seriously...Fox...what happened?  You used to be cool and then you kept shooting yourself in the foot!
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Fox was never cool, the people who made the shows for them are cool, Fox is just a company that licenses other people's hard work and passion to make money, and if it doesn't meet and or fulfill that one and only goal, they scrap it.
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Yes.  This.  SO.  MUCH.  THIS.
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I'm a leaf on the wind watch how I sore.
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The only reason I'm watching Fox these days is because my Kansas City Royals are in the world series...and Axe Cop...other than that, I really don't have any reason to watch Fox whatsoever.
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Axe Cop's on Fox?
The hell have I been missing?!?
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Yeah, and now all Fox cares about is pandering to the filthy lowest common denominator.

...I fucking hate TV executives.
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If there's one thing FOX is good at, it's making bone headed decisions.
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Let's hope their recent merger acquisition of the National Geographic channel doesn't screw anything up.
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They turned it into a for profit organization. We are fucked.
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So I read an article from a respected news source and it turns out nothing is going to change at Natgeo! Hooray!
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Or whatever deity/spirit/higher-consciousness you may happen to worship.

Please note that "the state" (i.e. the government) does not count as a higher-consciousness and most certainly should not be worshiped in any way shape or form.
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Ow... My heart... TT^TT
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13 years.  Wow.  I can't believe I'm just now getting around to watching Firefly, but I'm only 3 episodes in and I love it.  I'm going to crash so hard when I watch the last episode and realize there aren't any more.

sigh...oh well, at least I'll still have Serenity to watch. :D
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Ditto. I want more Summer Glau.
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Grrr... Fox.  Hou-zi de pi-gu!
Fav'ing this out of tribute to my Belovéd (Firefly), NOT because I like it (meaning what Fox did; not you, Jack.).
(it will always be "Too Soon .")

Forever a Browncoat!
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Ahh, this is what I needed. Now I'm back to being pissed off and can write some more.
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indeed.  It was a great show. 
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