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Vanity Thorn

By jollyjack
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Vanity is the latest character to appear in Sequential Art, but is older than that series.
She was first drawn as a room-mate for Kat way back when the latter character was to appear in an incomplete super-hero comic.
I really, really liked her name, though, and have been waiting for the chance to drop it, and her, into a proper project. Only real alteration is that, in the past, she was a goth-poet. Now she writes Vampire stories.
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I'm sorry. :blush: I thought she was brown with red hair.
Vanity Thorn [JOLLYJACK FANART] by IchorData
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She's hot as hell! She might even provide my redhead female a challenge!
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ah allway's love learning this kind of stuff, and haveing it be fer one of mah fav comic's is iceing on the cake.
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i like her

we don`t see her much around these days...
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in a post-apocalyptic high fantasy fan fiction I've been thinking of, she would be a badass sorceress, and have a daughter named Elizabeth who is her apprentice. 
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Whoa awesome I love that dress very nice!
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love this! gonna try and get an outfit similar to this to wear for my boyfriend.
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Huh. I kinda envisioned her with a more 'red' tone to her. Like her fur be a dark burgundy and her clothes be a sort of dark red leather. Still an awesome character though! (second only to Kat)
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Yeah, I'm guessing she looks way "older" than she looks too...
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I think I'm more Vanity's look but Kat's personality lol
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Oh Shite! It's the evil Death n- wait... No wait, no. It's just a normal notebook.
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I love Van Thorn you should bring her back in one of your comics! Love this pic!
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Hi There :wave:!
I have featured your work in my recent journal dedicated to anthro art! You can view it at the link below:


I hope my feature brings you some new fans :)
Warm Regards
aka `oibyrd
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wow i love how she looks.
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ummm.. black kitty kat... meewoor raawrrrr
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I have to say I imagined her dark brown XD but she doesn't look bad in black =)
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*whistles* She's so beautiful
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Normally, I'm not one for Goth-Chicks, But Vanity, she is the Ultimate Exception to that statement.
it's just the plain fact that she is so... Gorgeous is why I like her.
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dah, im ok with the blutsaugers.
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interesting, very cute
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Dear gods, I absolutly ADORE her! MEORWWW!

(Please join my contest! Please? Pretty pretty please? Details in my journal!)
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I wonder if it's a sub-coloration in her fur that reacted to cameras that cause her to photograph badly or perhaps the ghosts are giving her the spiritual equivalent of the bunny ears?
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