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Unfamiliar Ground

Everyone is a genius in their field.
Chloe's field isn't knots.

(.....annex MY territory, will ya? Well.... two can play at that game.....)

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Amazing, Chloe looking epic and sexy in the pink outfit and cool eyepatchLove Heart, her and knots don't mix though, love this pic.
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I start doing demonstration to tie a simple knot and 5 minutes later I have the world's hardest knot tied all around my body... SEND HELP
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Chloe... Stick to what you know, love, stick to what you know.
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Why did I heard an accent when reading this commentary !?
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Ask Pip, he watches so much smut he's bound to have figured out the basics, at least.
i thought i would give chloe a hand with those knots hope you like it…
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There's a furry joke here, but I'll just leave this(youtube link, headphones recommended to avoid questions) here instead. I think it gets a couple of sex jokes out in its duration.
Ha ha ha, yeah, I thought it was going to be a song about Shibari.
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Bwahahaha!  Welcome to the scene in Michigan!
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Oh my goodness yeah not a futuristic eyepatch there X'D
Though I wouldn't mind seeing her get it all right! :3
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Well as long as there's no force to the...umm.."eyepatch".....I'm sure it'll be fine. Also what you guys doing? Some sort of magic trick? 
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Make a tree, the bunny goes around the tree and through the hole :D
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Well at least she isn't using a cup (and I don't mind the drinking kind) for a mask.
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And with all good scientist, there must be a multitude of tests and experiments, as well as, peer review after peer review!

You know what you have to do!

God speed!
Personally, I wouldn't use a bowline knot
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A bowline has it's uses, if you need a strong loop that doesn't contract.
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Made smile.  Again.
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emmmmmmm, no; knot an eye-patch. and not my field either.
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xD I think I missed something. Who annexed your territory? What turf war? 
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BDSM never makes any sense to me either.
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