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Transparent Hair

The nit-pickers do make me laugh :D
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I always took transparent hair as a way of conveying that hair isn't solid to begin with and you can see the eyes as long as the hair isn't too thick
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It's a silly nitpick, but they're technically not wrong.
On the other hand, they are, since it's all about art style and intent. Sometimes, covering the eye(s) partially or fully can be threatening, badass, ominous, conveying boredom, or just look plain sexy.
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"Hair should not be transparent, bla-bla-blah..."

Screw them!  I'll draw however the hell I want!

Keep doing you, Jollyjack-senpai.
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I don't get that argument. Like, no way, hair is not a solid sheet of fabric either. If you want to show of a face blending through some loose strands of hair, showing the hair as "transparent" is probably the most realistic way if you don't want to draw every single strand of hair.
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On the one hand, I can understand why people do it so that the full expression can be shown.

On the other hand, this still bothers me whenever I see it. But I can understand why this complaint bothers you.
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AH! That's awesome XD
Wow! this reminds me of an art teacher I had back in my school days.  if you didn't do art his way it wasn't art.  guy was a real jerk. heh
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hahahahahh good one!!!!
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HA! This is going to be a good day. Thanks! XD
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Hair should only be transparent if it's only covering a small portion of an eye
or looks 'disbursed' egnoft.
I want this on a shirt.
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Alright, that's funny.
It depends, mister hairy potato hater. Certain scenes look amazing with non-transparent hair, while others don't need it. If it's not needed, don't add it (usually)! Save time and effort, and we all know we love being lazy when we can.

And now... (Makes entire head transparent) Cheerio good sir!
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Mock mock mock
I'm going bald, bucko, so lemme tell you hair CAN BE TRANSPARENT. /cries
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I'll put it this way - you can question the wheel, or put it on your car and go places!
Some not only question the wheel but will say the one designed six hundred years ago is superior despite being a square, too big for the car and made of scat created by a con artist.
"It offends me that you draw hair as transparent!"
*puts hands in front of eyes* *hands are transparent*
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Oh I did enjoy this. Well done. ^D^
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Just "found" this one again. Laughed hard even so it already was one of my favourites.
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No color, technically no substance! Yay for cartoon physics!
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Jesus hands 

//is shot for Christian joke
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