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Totally Not Gay


I’m always wary when I hear of people in power targeting specific groups with irrational and/or hysteria-fuelled justification. As a history nut I can say it has never ended well. Ever.

Also, the more this has escalated, the more I have felt that Vladimir Putin (topless cross-country jockey and current Russian President) doth protest too much….

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so funny!!!! I luv it! Well done
Great pic.

Daily reminder that Putler is the biggest faggot who ever lived.
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Ha-ha-ha. Too funny. XD
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No one messes with Putin
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every time i hear Republicans or Russians bring up how strong and tough Putin is, i always tease them about his photo op with the horse and no shirt...

"for a person and country who don't seem to like gay people, you're leader riding on a horse with his shirt off sure looks like a major fruit."
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Yes sweltering in Russia, in a photo op...where the leader of the country (who can ask for any change of appropriate formal wear there is)  just decided to have pictures taken of him without a shirt on a horse...
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I think you've really captured his inward personality. Awesome work!
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Not all ponies are pink, you know?
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This is the bests image ever.
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Is Lemmywinks up his ass?
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Another side of the coin would could explain that displays like this, such as horse riding shirtless, or more severe actions that display a man's masculinity in a somewhat sexual manner (perhaps like dress code of Spartans from 300 for example) are seen as being gay because they're solely meant to attract females.

Gays are men who like men, straight women are women who like men. A gay man does not look at FHM for a sexual buzz, he wants to see scantily clad men, not scantily women, a straight woman would also want to see the same. See the connection?

A manly man can strip down and flex his muscles, and if a straight man were to be displayed this, he would think it is gay, because it makes him feel gay, and he may also think the perpetrator is also gay for displaying hims such things, on the other hand a straight woman would be quite delighted to see such. It's like the whole stereotype that all male strippers are gay because they just so happen to be enjoyed by gays as well, many people who believe in this stereotype also forget that women like to watch male strippers too. 
It's a bit of a sexist thing really, the whole idea that women cannot have the same sexual enjoyment as men do.

There are times when a man will do things with no interest whatsoever in what his straight male peers think, if it means to further his attractiveness to females.  
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In the immortal words of Bart Simpson: "Come on, Snipers! Where are you!?"
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Someone has to be the bad guy on the world stage... Merica, stay away from that mirror. 
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It's not called being gay it's called being fabulous
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is Putin, president of Russia? Right?
You know, I've seen this picture a few times.  But, this the first time that I noticed that the horse is wearing a ball gag.

God damn it man...
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It's the little things ;)
True...So very true

But still...God damn it man...
He saved a team of journalists from the tiger attack once, you know.
He's totally not a gay, or a terrorist, or what the hell Obama tells about him.
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Because it was a Siberian Tiger, does he plan to annex the part of China it can be found in?
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