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Top Gear vs London

By jollyjack
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The lads race across the capital.

(The Beeb might’ve taken these down.)



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That was a fantastic race.
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Good times, good times🙂🙂🙂.
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Oh I remember this... did the results of that race ever effect congestion on the London streets?
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:XD: ...I remember that. Me and My SFW bro Ruroni-Riu laughed at how they tried to deny their results at the end, but then he came up with "you know, what they've actually done is free up more of London's streets for the "petrol heads" by presenting the rat-racers with an alternative to clogging the streets." but that's just what a couple of scots, named after a Welsh beach-town, raised in the US think.
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...Good times :XD:
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Stig on a bus. :) (Smile) 
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it was pure awesomeness by itself.
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Yup all the links have broke sorry dude! Awesome art though XD
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Well, they were posted 7 years ago.
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I love this. The facial expressions are great. I almost wish this was colored. Mostly, because, it is a bit busy. And I think adding color would break it up just enough. But other than that, I love this.
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May's getting stressed by that bus driver.
"He who is last, shall be first OI! chuffing bus driving bullying Nazi"
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I can't quite find the words to explain how much I love this picture! I wonder if you could somehow show it to the Top Gear crew!
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Jezzah's expression is perfect.
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you forget to have Jeremy yell, "POWER!!!"
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Have you done the colored version of this ?
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The Stig is watching us...
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hahahah! captain sense of direction xpp
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And the Stig watches from his double decker bus.
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Such an awesome episode. Love how you were able to combine them
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Clarkson: POWAR!!!!
lol, should have put that there
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My favourite Top Gear race you sir are awesome ^_^
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