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The Contrasting Quality of Super Hero Movies

By jollyjack
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I really want Andrew Garfield to cameo in an Avengers film as some random guy, pestering Tony Stark by asking him "Can I be an Avenger? Can I? Please?"

Stark's answer: "Lawyers say "No"".
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Superhero movies all suck dick. 

Except for 2. 

Try again?
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The D.C.U has always been 'short bus' level but now it even worse
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can you redo this with homecoming spidy
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Well, this comic aged...interestingly.
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Thank god Disney's got Spider-Man now. 

Poor Fantastic Four though... 
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Disney just got FF and the X-Men now. The Disney/Fox buyout got approved.
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That meme of Mickey Mouse as Thanos just got more plausible
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No... Micky has always been Palpatine.
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I think you predicted the future, with some minor adjustments.
In the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker is pestering Tony Stark to become an Avenger... Granted he isn't played by James Garfield, but I think Tom Holland portrays the character with as much intelligence as he is here! :XD:
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In all reality lately DCU should also be on the shortbus.
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Hilarious in hindsight now that we got Spiderman: Homecoming.
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DC needs to stop "competing" with Marvel and just outdo Marvel. The DC Universe has far better characters to work with, so using them the way they are meant to be used, instead of relying on digital computer effects, would yield excellent results.</b>
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Wonder Woman Movie Poster Wonder by battle810     hi how are you im a good dcu film that did all that
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Except the Ending.
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Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Um Spyro Icon curses your 100% correct 
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Any movie, no matter what it is can always be ruined by a terrible ending.
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I see a ultimate spiderman reference
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So I wonder where Spidey is on this chart now. 
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As someone who rode the short bus, I nearly died laughing at this.

Well played, sir. Well played.
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And now this is more accurate than ever!
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Lol so true :D
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To be fair....Spider-Man was great, Spider-Man 2 was awesome....Spider-Man 3 was WTF idiots you could have stretched that into at least 3 movies and it may have been awesome....At least wait until Sam Raimi gets out so you can maybe get a director who likes Venom rather than hating him (I don't particularly like venom either)

Amazing Spider-Man was ...oh...reboot...okay, pretty good....if you hadn't undercut Parker's scientific abilities entirely...thanks....Amazing Spider-Man 2 ....still looking like it can pull out and be okay....but the hell is Harry being the first Goblin all about....GAH!
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