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The Adventures of Meow The Hedgehog

By jollyjack
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spooky as hell 030

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This one's kind of killing the atmosphere of the other strips.

I don't mind blood but if we follow the previous ones the last pannel would just be the empty room with an opened window, staying creepy and disturbing more than gory :o

Well this is the first one that was uploaded soo in all reality the Other ones aren't following this one

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There was this old horror film about giant mutant shrews that retained their shrewish appetite even at the size of a large dog.
Like their shrew cousins, hedgehogs are insectivorous and need to eat a lot for their size.
Now, this seemed absurd on the face of it , as as they might get bigger through natural or artificial mutations, their metabolic needs SHOULD go down to wolf levels. Still dangerous WHEN they are hungry, but should only need to hunt once a week, not several times a day....
....BUT with a metabolism like THIS, he may, indeed, need to eat HUNDREDS of times a day.
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This is way much worse than Sonic.exe, wtf??!

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I know this is the old design but your comic really empathizes why the old design was awful.

Under that furry carapace.

Is a human skull.

A warped. Awful. Human. Skull.
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SCP foundation would like to know your location
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damn, super creepped out, well done.
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I hate this. Why would you make this? 10/10 best comic.
That escalated quickly

I need to sleep with my gun loaded tonight

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God this deeply bothers me, good work
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This is disturbing on so many levels, yet I can't look away. Sign of a good comic I think.

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Ok, Now I'll have nightmare tonight :nuu:
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The lesson is clear.

Clean your room
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oh god o______o
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It's funny because it's true.
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But... Why?😱😂
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Santa needs to improve his improve his little helper vetting process!
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five night's at sega's XD

That is some Eff up shit right there....Who or what can stop this Twisted creature?

You should've posted these around Halloween for maximum spoopiness

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It's an adventure through the digestive system. It's fun and educational...
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