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Take It Like A Bat

Yeah...I just saw the photo of the new-look Joker.

I guess every generation has to endure its own "Batman & Robin".
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I wonder if you feel about this the same way about the new Batman film with James Patterson.

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At least he'll have an easier time sneaking up on Gotham's criminals, since he'll just blend in with the bland surroundings...XD

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The fuck is this a comment from 2021? Pattinson was considered too good for superhero movies before this casting.

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Wut? lol... Mildly Internally Triggered Disappointed Confused 
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Jared Letto managed to do something no actor has ever done before...make the joker suck on screen. Heath was a blast, Mark Hamil is the definitive voice of joker for all time, so much so that  Troy Baker emulates him, Jack was a hoot and terrifying, even Cesar Romero brought a "clown prince of crime" feel...

Jared letto looks like a pedophile hipster.
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Jared Leto was just a disgrace as Joker. The tattoos, the grills...his bland laugh...

Best Jokers in my mind were Jack Nicholson (best live-action one), and Mark Hamill (voice-acting him with gleeful and insane abandon...and that laugh! MY GOD, THAT LAUGH!).

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It's not JUST that it's another Batman movie -- it's a Batman movie starring Ben fucking Afleck, of all people. It's bad enough that they don't respect the franchise -- they don't have to be fucking insulting about it, tho'.
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AND he ended up being the best part of the movie....which sucks
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Haven't seen it -- and I'm not going to, either -- so I'll have to take your word for it. On the other hand, I did see the Superman reboot, and that was pretty decent -- I figured the guy playing Superman probably should have done O.K. in this one, too.
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should draw one of spiderman.
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L-O-FUCKIN-L. Where's Robin as per the old 1960s TV show? Contrary to popular belief... he's actually The Top in this crime-fighting relationshit. xD
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uhh batman you understand to make a movie you don`t have to take your pants off right?
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Yeah, saw that.  Dude looks like all the bad and horrible part of trailer trash and red necks.

The real joker is a man with more refined, if somewhat cheesy tastes.  He is a man of intense cunning and brilliant intelligence, and all geared towards murder, mayhem, and pealing back the thin veneer of society to reveal the ugly joke that it is.
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Jumping  the gun a bit, aren't you? People really shouldn't criticize films before they've even seen them.
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lol. is he twerking?! 
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i wish *Winks creepily*
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its too bad too, since we cant have the old joker. :c
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