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H. L. Mencken said that democracy is the system in which the people vote for what they want ... and they get it, good and hard. The next 4 years should be pretty eye-opening ... not that I expect Biden voters to open their eyes ...

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Oh, they will! After four years of a fascist-like regime, they be keeping an eye open for every little thing this Great Pumpkin will try to get away with.

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Now the People have spoken, and the Electoral College has backed them up. Now the Trumplicans and their ilk need to make like the dark forces in the movie "Wizards" and disappear into the netherworld.

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Doesn't matter at all. Both Parties and Candidates are 200% owned by the Israeli Lobby and the small hats international clique.
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Need to do one of Trump lying on the ground, throwing a spoiled kid's temper tantrum while Biden is standing there looking disgruntled while saying, "Put on your big boy pants already!"

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Well, it's now Nov 7 and the news agencies congratulate the elected president...

It's really hard not to gloat right now, but at least it may give you some more pictures of the orange man-baby throwing tantrums when people tell him the results...

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Especially when his legal teams come back all beaten and battered from having their cases thrown out of court for not having any evidence of voting fraud.

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Also an accurate description, according to his niece... Hopefully, the "ongoing issue" here will be resolved soon. ^^;

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Some of these cunts are the reason they had to put a Hot label on coffee cups..too stupid to for their anyone's good
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Stay TF out of politics and keep drawing your titty monster furries. That's what you're good at. Stay in your lane.

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Great response. Cogent. Very intelligent. Can't even.

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Then maybe get educated on the subject rather than just being "orange man bad"?

Seriously dude, you don't have to like him. But you are just to emotionally invested in your Trump hate.

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I doubt he can get educated as he's been in and out of what, three of four universities? And I don't believe he ever got a degree?

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SO what you're saying is that some people are successful in life, not because of parents, but because of genetics? You believe in nature and not nurture? That almost sounds ... racist to me.

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unfortunately its either carrot face or senile child sniffer

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fuck child sniffer won and possibly by sus means too

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No, the guy that has his daughter give him lap dances lost.

You know, the one that marries porn models, then cheats on them with porn actresses?

That has publicly boasted about walking into the dressing rooms of under aged girls, to see them naked?

Oh, and let us not forget sexually assaulting a thirteen year old - Projection, it's what Trumpists have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a midnight snack.

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well shit didnt know any of that

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Here's my take:






Project T.R.U.M.P. Created by Vladimir Putin to kill the United States without firing a single shot (directly).

Or maybe:






Since he hates mail-in ballots against him and tried to sabotage the system with Louis DeJoy's appointment to Post Master General so he can kill the postal service for Trump to stay in power, among other things beyond the legalities...

But still, yours works too!

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Can you work on one now that Donny Dotard has Covid?

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Then you are JUST going to LOVE the results of the elections of 2020 AND 2022! ^_^

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When Donny Boy loses? Yes, yes we will.

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