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Super Pretentious


“Our new logo is symbolic of everything we believe.”

“We love it because people might not get it right away”

Yeah, try saying that during a pitch in the real world and keeping your job.

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What is most funny and tragicomic to me at the same time is that they spammed popular illustrators to promote that garbage. Man, when it came to that you had to do it, then it explains to you enough that this logo is a complete failure. The same goes for this user interface. Will they ever start learning from their mistakes?

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People can often be fooled into equating pretentiousness with expertise or quality.

Like I believe a U2 lyric once said, "You don't know what you're doing... guess it must be Art."

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7 years on, still looks like a Z.

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5yrs on, still looks like a Z
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It has been five years since they launched this logo, and I'm still calling the “New” logo complete garbage, and I wish we still had the old logo. Sometimes when you try to “fix” something, you only end up making it worse.

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They still haven't learned. I introduce Peoples' Exhibit B: Eclipse.

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Five years and I'm still calling the "New" logo complete garbage and I wish we still had the deviantART Icon
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we call DA eclipse garbage too
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To this day I still find this new DA icon to be ugly and I still can't believe artists, some who were obviously asked by the staff to draw their logo in a positive light, praised the new icon with their pictures. Sell outs....
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I just realized something. The symbol means something! Deviant Art went Nazi! Lol. Jk.
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It's just a god damn z!
Lmao, HOPE this continues ;)
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This comic made me miss the old logos, which I see tells and represents DA way better, than this z thing.
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I still hate the logo. I will never accept it. To me, it's just an atrocity that is apparently encouraging more artists to create their own watermarks rather than have this abomination on their work.
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It's even a crossed out "z" which adds a negative effect...
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Sunny: Buuuut, "here" is not the standard to which the rest of the universe must conform.

Eile: Yeah, especially considerin' logos like the Nike Swoosh.
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Awesome and funny
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Gotta love how the DA staff actually chose to remove this sketch from the 'What's popular right now' page when it got 1500+ favorites/8000 views in under one hour after the update. 

R.I.P. in peace zeviantart. :iloveit: 
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