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Squirrel Mech

By jollyjack
Uh, oh......
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Unstoppable Fuchikoma/Tachikoma vacuum cleaner. Maximum efficiency.
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Those keebler elves are gonna rule the day they came on our turf.
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Huh. Welp, if any of the Think Tank ended up stuck in the Commonwealth Wasteland, they'd have the Automation DLC by default!

Still, I just wonder why the girls thought giving a Vacuum Cleaner a Gatling Gun would be a good idea!?
Flimflanboy's avatar
Screw suction, just intimidate the hell out of the dust and hair.
Nemesisprime91's avatar
Meh, i think their tech skills is the same as their magical skills...lucky at best, damn terrible at worst.
Thedreadedpixel's avatar
[o]-[o]...the Squirrel uprising is upon us!!
[facepalm] Once again, the squirrels make something that will explode (or cause explosions).
I still remember their version of a lawn mower, nuclear powered electro-magnets holding a micro-black hole in place to suck up the grass... the lowest power setting (of 8) sent it screaming past Mars at a respectable fraction of light speed!
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Why does a vacuum cleaner need a GATLING CANNON!?
ThatKinder's avatar
Ooooh! I want one!

I need to ask Scarlet if it comes with a Motoko Kusanagi cyborg-Maid to run it...
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I look at that thing and I expect it to be pre-loaded with all the Turret sound samples from Portal and Portal 2.
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So cute!~

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They've been watching the Anime show Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex.
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The girls version of a Tachikoma, love it
LEgGOdt1's avatar
So you seen Ghost in the Shell
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But of course what any anime fan that worth their salt has not seen such and awsome shop. Heard they are still planning a 3rd gig.
LEgGOdt1's avatar
WHAT! You're kiding me right? A third Gig
RDF-73's avatar
That's the rumor I've heard at least whether it's true or not we can only hope and pray. 
LEgGOdt1's avatar
I really hope that they'll do Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 3rd Gig.
RDF-73's avatar
Yeah so do I, but who knows how long it will be before we see it here in the states
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More J4D3, 4MB3R, and V10L3T plez!
Well, at least it delivers the package with a smile.
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Adorable and also a bit scary that's a vacuum cleaner redesign.
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