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Sonic the Hedgehog

In the early 90s I was a huuuuge Sonic fan-boy, and I still love all of the pre-Sonic Adventure games.
One of the first comics I regularly collected was Sonic the Comic. Not the Archie one.
StC was a UK publication whose stories followed the narrative of the games much closer than their US counterpart.
I also think the art was better :D
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ABlueAardvark's avatar
Isn't he supposed to have a creepy giant eye with two pupils?
TheGutterBunny's avatar
Why does the loose cloth bit of the gloves have buckles?
CRichwine's avatar
Nice, reminds me of Ratchet and Clank style. :)
animedugan's avatar
Awww, Sonic looks so cute in this style :love: Makes me wanna hug 'im :meow:
davis78's avatar
if sonic was in invader zim :D
BladeFoxfairy's avatar
is it okay if i use this design,i won't take credit for the design.
Sonic155's avatar
He kinda looks weird, but also a little cute. Nice job!
Ask-ButterflySonic's avatar
This looks awesome! :iconfavoriteplz: Here ya go!
warriorcatandsonic's avatar
It kinda looks like a hedgehog hamster crossover! :iconsonicplz:
CSGComics's avatar
Looks like a Ratched and Clank crossover! (I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT!)
The-Invalid-Username's avatar
It does look like Ratchet, somehow.
Yushicus's avatar
That's so cute X3
Sonicboom1126's avatar
Cool! your good! wunna b frends?
SmashPortal's avatar
You should make a sprite for it.
Eguan15's avatar
Woah! He has TWO EYES!!!!!
CaseyDecker's avatar
Your version of Sonic The Hedgehog looks very nice and cool nonetheless, man! :D
DarkACGuy's avatar
Sonic the chipmunk.
DarkShadowMD's avatar
Wow... this version looks way better!!!
ZephX27's avatar
Favorite Character of All time.
Sh4rk-K1ng's avatar
Holy shit that is cool ima tell my brother this
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