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Smiter Claus

By jollyjack
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Y'know what Christmas needs? More influence from Frank Frazetta.
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This is kind of giving me Mad Max Immortan Joe vibes.... "May he ride eternal, shiny and chrome"

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Has a Terry Pratchett Vibe.   Hogfather?   
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there is this game called smite ( 3 person dota with gods) were zeus has a santaskin iirc ..
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I wanna see this guy coming done my chimney. I'd be waiting for him!
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Can we get Blizzard to buy this concept from you as a skin for Daddy Reinhardt?

Oh, & JollyJack? I blame you for my love of beefy folk.. Zarya & Reinhardt sandwich, please & thank-you.. XD
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Ho ho Hell no. 😈. Better be on his good list
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"Santa, what is good in life?"

"To crush the chestnuts. To see reindeer driven before you. To hear the jingle of the bells."
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All we need is an eyepatch and Santa really would be Odin XD
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Where can I order Christmas cards of this!?
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he didn't get those abs drinking milk & eating cookies. 
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This picture is everything I aspire to be.

Santa the Barbarian: Ho Ho Homicide
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Team this guy up with Santaman.^_^
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Well, traveling around the worl is no easy task...
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You better not be on his naughty list...
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Funny thing is, one of the highlights of the actual story of Saint Nickolas was at the Council of Nicaea, where he fought off a streetfull of heretics to a standstill with his bare fists.  Another where he was allowed to take as much wheat for a town as he could carry in a single lift (to feed a starving village, of course), and he took what amounts to 300lb of wheat off the boat in one carry.

Coca-Cola made him fat, but like Buddha, he was actually turbo fit.
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That.  Is.  Priceless.

I thought he fought the heretics with a chunk of anthracite, though.
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Uh-oh. Hope that's not Rudolph.
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Psh, of course not. It's Dancer. Nobody cared about him since the sex change.
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Santa the barbarian.
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That is an epic Santa...
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