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Sinclaire Global - Part 6

By jollyjack
The story continues -…

(God damn, it took long enough for me to finally get a new comic done! This year has been utter HELL!! Websites failing on me, computers expiring. I really have to catch up! Launching right into work on another Apsara.....)
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Austin7613's avatar

Going by Chloe's reaction i'm gonna guess she's seen this kinda thing happen so often in her company she's gotten use to it. Am I right?

Stigmartyr762's avatar

Now I need to buy all the comics again.

is this the first TF in chloes universe?

Tried to buy it and the merchant charged me twice and I still couldn't download it...

jollyjack's avatar

Could you message me the transaction ID?

ADHadh's avatar

I don't think that plus size character has been featured here on dA... Is she a pig or a flat-faced dog breed? I would like to see more of her.

jollyjack's avatar

Dr Madison Peel; porcine physicist and another member of Chloe's R&D team.

BenRG's avatar

"One question, Ms Sinclaire, how often does this sort of thing happen?"

"Like this? This is a first but I've had some weird stuff happen before. Really weird. Remind me to introduce you to the egg-shaped killer alien robots one day."

Some things never change.... thankfully!

Yes! Been waiting for this.

Gerex94's avatar

The catgirl with glasses is the best waifu. ;)

Aldartha's avatar

The page looks great dude! At least 2020 can't take that away from you!

very interesting!!!

Awesome comic!!

To quote a famous quote...

"And there was much rejoicing..."

K-Zlovetch's avatar

Yep, worst year ever. I'm really desperate too about shitty modern internet...

But we enjoy your art and comics, even in Hell.

bluedog79's avatar

YES! Part 6 is here! I love this series.

Chwen-Hoou's avatar

Never a dull moment with Chloe.

DarkerEve's avatar

So much scientific analyzes.....but my eyes where glue to Chloe's:


Eeee. That must be painful.

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