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Sick Little Ponies

This is what happens when I'm left alone in a hotel room with a notepad.
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It's not bad but... wtf? :o

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Little known fact, horses don't actually throw up.

And technically, ponies are a type of horse.

AsterHyakinthou's avatar

Why not Pinkie Poo? So Fluttershite isn't the only shiter.

Alkonium's avatar
What sticks out for me is that Fluttershy is the only one not vomiting.
SilverDragon234's avatar
I guess they must've had a bad stomach upset.
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Black-Falcon01's avatar
Another win for JollyJack! Made me laugh and scare my cat!
Edfan67's avatar
The only one that is different is Fluttershite over there.
Black-Falcon01's avatar
Yeah, but I love her expression!
Michaelbarlow42's avatar
Kind of reminds me of the garbage pail kids 
vulcun383's avatar
xD Oh I'm dead! This is comical!
Ch0colateC0ff33's avatar
This is a master piece 
Ratchetandclanker's avatar
Omg, this is HILARIOUS.
Danieltiger13's avatar
Fuck's sake, man *but he laughin', tho*
Randimaxis's avatar

Now THAT'S comedy!
Jester-Mazoku's avatar
I need a T-shirt of this. 
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Barfing is Magic...
Roninwolf1981's avatar
I couldn't contain my laughter, lol.
26-994's avatar
Nice job getting 762 faves.
MeatSnack1's avatar
You're....not fond of MLP, huh?
Louvan's avatar
Why have I not seen this incredible picture before now?
This has made my day!
YarkarioLu's avatar
One cruise missile strike, please!
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