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She fell.....

....and all their clothes fell off.

It happens.
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cullyferg2010's avatar

Must have happened in the shower. I'll let it pass. For now.

Shadowkey392's avatar
Must've been quite the spectacular fall.
OsirisEbony's avatar
Does this happen alot in this universe?
TwitchyBrain's avatar
Repeat after me... fan service is good.... fan service is good.....
squarenuts's avatar
Is this a remake of the movie "The Last Boy Scout" 

You tripped, slipped on the floor and ....
RoseQuory's avatar
Aw.... that's so cute there tails make a heart.
PrimeKage's avatar
I think she was tripped. And the person who tripped her deserves a medal.
DanNorcross's avatar
Did a cup of water spill on them as well? ;)
NiennaSurion's avatar
The hamster face XD
Ha. If the tips of their tails were any closer together they'd be forming a heart.
Blur101's avatar
surrrt bloud o0o
Stookam's avatar
The hamster's actually so scary-lookin right now it kinda takes away from the funny/sexy part.
GdubzWB's avatar
Then don't look at the hamster. Look at the two butt-naked catgirls sprawled out on top of each other.
Stookam's avatar
Oh, I see them - the hamster's just a little thing that draws my eyes before they eagerly zoom back to the center is all.
DEFCON613's avatar
h I believe touch her (censored)
Axx123's avatar
I'll need to remember to visit your planet.
Stookam's avatar
Even with the denizen problem?
Axx123's avatar
hmmm... even more so then!
AngelFreddy's avatar
Kaden- I'll leave you two alone and grab a novel.
ohhellno520's avatar
Hewhoislost's avatar
Laundry day is dangerous, the floor is sooo slippery.
angeleater's avatar
Its ok Kat and Vanity I was just checking to make sure that awesome but sinister hamster didnt put you in that scene with Hilary you can see the crazyness in his eyes :paranoid:
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