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Seven Of Nine


This subject of this pin-up was decided on by my patrons -…
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I love this style!

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

"I know, I know... 'She's so sexy.' Now, can I please get on with my day?"

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ITYM "Two of Thirty-Six"...

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The best part: Jack didn’t exaggerate her proportions very much at all.

If all the borg looked like that they'd have taken over in the first week

7 of 9 - Malibu Borgie

Kinggigasmon's avatar

Always wondered why she never just dressed in everyday clothes like pants and a button down shirt. But whatever, I'm not complaining.

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

Pants and button-down shirts get you more odd looks aboard a Picard-era ship. :D

Sukiamu's avatar

hands down. one of the best Star Trek characters ever

On2XSecretProbation's avatar

Alright! Cool Seven picture!

MRKFC99's avatar

One minute....

WolfBlitz2's avatar

you got her unimpressed look down pat

*sigh* "Someone labelled my regeneration alcove 'Sixty of Nine' again. Like I haven't heard that one before..."

sryates's avatar

The best Trek Babe of all time.

Roronoa-Forte's avatar

Ah yes, the main reason anybody watched Voyager.

NO-SoupForYou's avatar


There was Torres, proppin' the show up for multiple seasons.:D

looking good while rocking the cat-suit and as far as I'm concerned, the only reason Voyager stayed on the air as long as it did.

srmalloy's avatar

'Wonder Woman' got a third season for much the same reason -- one of the high-level CBS executives liked how Lynda Carter looked in the WW outfit.

srmalloy's avatar

The one who had the power to unilaterally approve a third season despite the ratings. I'm sure there were others, but they weren't in the decision chain.

Keiichi-K1's avatar

Thank goodness the writers were able to give her some strong character and development, otherwise she would have been useless fluff.

Also... I think she looked a lot better in Starfleet uniform (reference the episode "Relativity") than in a catsuit. In fact,... ALL catsuit-wearing Star Trek characters looked better in uniform. Troi, Kira, and especially T'Pol

MrInternetMan's avatar

Not to mention that Jeri Ryan was a capable actress and able to carry the weight of the episodes focusing on her.

It sucks that it was clear from the start that the primary purpose for her character was T&A, though...

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