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an 10 more i hope
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No Kitty Hulk?
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I don't remember there being any Kitty Hulks in Sequential Art.
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I want some Denizens. They are adorable and make good house cleaners
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RennisTora|Hobbyist General Artist
Been a good ten, hopefully more awaits friend.
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trilliondollerman|Hobbyist Photographer
You have a web comic?...I had no idea, I thought making unique art was your shtick.
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And now a bad joke:
1/10 3.German Empire
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Flimflanboy|Hobbyist General Artist
And many more!
Hi, Oz! How's that reboot treating ya?
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I just now realized that Sven had a twin.
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You're too modest, JJ - you didn't include your hamster avatar and...ahem...Helga. :)
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matador-ninjaLover|Hobbyist Photographer
I left Deviant Art for a while and occasionally I slip in and out. I am glad I saw this. Congratulations. 

Kat has to be my favorite character!
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Congrats :D Here's hoping there's many more years of creativity to be unleashed :D
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NomanDAX|Student Digital Artist
Wow, its been this long? wow.
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NightChills|Professional Traditional Artist
I was 12 when you started this!? Damn!! All those year's I could have been reading a good modern strip comic Facepalm3 
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Oh my goodness! This is so good.
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Man I remember when I first found Sequential Art.  I laughed so hard at the first page alone XD. 

Leonard is gonna need some more face time.

Congradulations on 10 years running.
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alright, I did not know about this comic 5 hours ago and now I caught up. I really enjoyed it so far.
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How has the rabbit slut managed to survive 10 years with Kat around? Hasn't she saved up enough for the hit man yet?
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faogwolf|Professional Digital Artist
congrats! i just finishied being up to date with this comic XD

really i just start reading it from the first one thanks to this image
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I would love to see that that girl from Lord of WereCraft game (or whatever you've called it). Damn, wouldn't pip be devastated.
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congrats! :D heres to another 10! :33
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so? want a cookie or what?
now get back to work!
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Fern!  I missed her.  She seemed like a fun person.
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I assume Helga was taking the picture.
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