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Scarlet Head Massage

By jollyjack
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Now, is she enjoying the head massage, or is she enjoying that it's Liam doing it?

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Dayum ! She goes full Ahegao from just that !? Imagine if he actually teased her somewhere more sensitive...

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DBrentOGaraHobbyist Digital Artist

The finest use of a Trans-Dimensional Anthro-Christ-Metaphor ever devised!

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PringleTheChartreuxHobbyist Digital Artist
What A Unit Of A Maid
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XD I love his outfit!
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beez1717Hobbyist General Artist

This is extremely cute!

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philipino93Hobbyist General Artist

We'd all react that way. Head massages are divine

Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Never thought I'd see that expression on Scarlet, or that she was even capable of having it.
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head-rubs are fine...
ear-rubs are lewd...
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just ask a Ferengi
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LimpurtiklesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh man, look at that face...

...okay, who's gonna give the hyperactive squirrel "the talk"? Not it!
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Hahahahaha! That's my wife! She loved head massages.

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Liam? I would have pegged him as a Gerhardt or Manfred or something like it.

Scarlet is such an adorkable little thing^^.

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mamaOODHobbyist Traditional Artist
Surprisingly .. unpervy.
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Only because Liam is dressed in the maid outfit they gave him, rather than his usual (lack of) attire.

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whiterabbit75Hobbyist Artist

Head massage > scritchies

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Muqaffa-ArtifyProfessional Digital Artist

So Cool :love:

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IchorDataStudent Traditional Artist
Am I a dick for being slightly uncomfortable about this? I get it, it's funny to put a character that's usually so innocent and childish in adult situations, but thinking of Scarlet sexually just feels really wrong to me.
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When she first saw him. (And his first appearance)

shadowguy28's avatar

It’s in character for her since she met Liam. Call it character development.

Of course, Liam is sort of innocent as well, does not realise the thoughts he puts into Scarlet’s head.

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ZytherDarkHobbyist Traditional Artist
Reminds me of an Ancient Manga/Anime called "Kamen no Maid Guy". Good work ^_^
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Got instant "Maid Man" ("Empowered" Ref) from this.
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This feels good just looking at it...
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