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Heeeeere we goooo.....
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I came back to this today.   Still relevant.
And now it's Midterms day....
*switches to fifth gear*
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Yep, this one is still crazy relevant, and still makes me laugh, nervously ;P
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I don't think this crazy ride is over just yet.
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When Little Einsteins goes on crack...
Lights peed isn't enough we need to go to ludicrous speed
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Whats the matter Colonel Sanders? Chicken?
I'm always knew it im surrounded by assholes (yeah can't exactly remember that one)
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But sir we never flown that fast
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What’s the matter Colonel Sanders? Chicken?!
N. No sir all man start the ludicrous speed
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Now hear this! Ludicrous speed!
S-sir You should really buckle up
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Space balls for the win right XD
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Taxi driver:WE'RE GONNA GO 700 MPH TO GET ACROSS THAT BRIDGE TO YOUR DESTINATION,also it will be $2.99 once we reach to your destination k.XD  
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 He's going to need more than a lap belt for this! Try a 7 point harness!
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The ride will stop in 2020 Sweating a little... 
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If it still exists in 2020.
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This train has no breaks!!! Trump 2020!
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Stop it, get some helo
Trump is going to win in 2020. The Dems don't have a single good candidate with any reasonable policies - Tulsi Gabbard was the best they had, and even she was a statist piece of shit. And the impeachment is only adding fuel to their dumpster fire of a funeral pyre. When multiple witnesses provide little more than hearsay, opinions, and supposition, then the case has no merit. Politically and economically, Trump's policies have, as a whole, been good for America. We have record low unemployment, record low taxes, and a GDP between 3% and 4% - something Obama said was impossible. Globally, America is doing quite well. Trump has negotiated better trade deals with Mexico and Canada, and new deals with India and other countries. He has also put us on the path to peace on the Korean Peninsula, kept us at arms length from Russia, sbd is addressing the trade deficit with China. Overall, his Presidency has been a resounding success of America.
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No amount of “helo” can stop the Trumpster!😁
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