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Run, Banjo. Run.

A pic from the early stages of production on Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.
At that point of production it’s a case of “Draw a lot of stuff and see what sticks”.
A lot doesn’t, but there are quite a few unused images and designs that I really quite liked, including this one.
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We are being chased by pigs in bobby outfits and truncheons on motorized unicycles... this is just... the most beautiful scene I've ever seen.
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awesome! very stylized
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"I say, Banjo, I do believe the constabulary is catching up to us! I daresay that our number will be up if you don't run faster!"

...Well, it looks like it's taking place in early 1900's England, so there you go.
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Well, I can see the idea that was used here; Grand theft Jiggy
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Yes. Yes. Just... Just yes.
Run the pigs er cops er pigs are behind ya
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TIt is actually very easy to defeat the police. You made Banjo look cute.
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Banjo and kazooie rocks I wish they did over part one and 2
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Please see, JollyJack!!
God, I hated those cops...
Awesome work man.
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cool! i like the original games better tho
Teh-Lucario's avatar
Actually, this looks like a good start for a new game.
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Lovin this, great game, great art, perfect.
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Pigs on unicycles... BRILLIANT!
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The Overlords at Rare didn't seem to think so.
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Hm... So, what did you do for your part of N&B? (I love redundancy.)
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I did the visual designs for all the robots, many of the components, some of the main characters and a few of the environments.
Though I was on the project from the start, I wasn't the best concept artist on the project. That was a guy called Ryan Stevenson. Brilliant artist. Track him down.
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Ah. I'm guessing it paid well for the time.
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I don't like Banjo and Kazooie new style, but very good pic.
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Awesome pic XD wish I could draw like ya T-T oh well *shrug* hey! I just got a great idea! In my opinion the name of this awesome pic would be

Banjo-Kazooie life in the big city

good don1`t ya think but just an idea i got from this.Well hope ya draw some more L8rz!
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I heard you created the background for Hero Klungo Sssavesss Teh World for Nuts & Bolts, is this true?

If you did, did you also create the background for Hero Klungo Sssavesss Teh Universsse?

I'm just curious, that's all. :)
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Yep, on both counts.
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I love your Banjo Kazooie art! XD
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