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Rex and Blue

Lil' bit of Jurassic World fan art :D
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Since the t-rex is supposed to be the one from the original Jurassic Park, who if you recall the ending of that movie wasn't so fond of raptors, this was a big accomplishment.

"Damn humans  why i got to be the one to keep saving your asses?"
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I like that. Very good.
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There were unexpected feels in this movie.
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Honestly, that scene had me laughing and cheering for awhile. 
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The Mutha Fuckin T-Rex Scene....hell ya
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 I-Rex forgot the biggest rule: When you come at the Queen of Isla Nubar you'd better not miss
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this made my girls day. thank you.
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Did anyone stand up in the theater and started clapping at the end?
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That's only ever happened at one movie I've been at, and it wasn't this one.
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So out of curiosity (you had to know somebody was going to ask) - which movie was it?
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Ah. Yeah, I can see how that might've done it. Curiosity sated. Cheers mate. :D
i liked this movie immensely, but it felt a bit light-hearted for what it was, especially when in comparison to the original.  there was also something about it, i can't quite put my finger on it, in that the quality was somehow lacking as well compared to the original.  after the emotional high of watching a Velociraptor and a T-Rex kick ass, i was left with a glass-half-full feeling.  to me it was like watching a Bay movie, such as any Transformers, which i like as well.  throughout it was insanely cool, but its like driving a sports car with a gutless engine.  it looks cool, sounds cool, feels cool, but the driving experience is lacking.  

and i wished they would have extrapolated upon the relationship of Chris Pratt and the raptor pack.  i thought that was an extremely cool concept.  

still; when that gate opened...everybody knew.  

and how Blue and Rex took down I-Rex-with a little help from Mosasaurus,of course-EPIC.
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The second old Rexie came out, I knew that...all hell has been unleashed. The Queen of Isla Nublar has returned.
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it was truely a sick scene
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Oh my good for some reason the Goof Troop line is playing in my head.  "They is buddies, their pals!"
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I will not lie. I teared up when Rexie's gate opened. Best entrance in years.
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I ship Rex x blue...
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awesome stuff!!! ^^
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As man stood up in history to see further, Blue stood on Rexy to hunt further. :D
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Man, as soon as Claire lit that flare it clicked in my head and I had the biggest fangirl experience ever. Then when Blue came back and just jumped onto Rex and Rex didn't even care and they tag teamed that shit. UGH. Satisfaction guaranteed. Thank you for this Big Fool Emoji-28 (High Five YES) [V4] 
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