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RIP Stan Lee

By jollyjack
Without him, we wouldn't have the X-Men. Without the X-Men, I probably wouldn't have started drawing comics. His was the cheery, up-beat face of comics, and he will be remembered.


God damn, it's a good thing I don't work on paper anymore. I was blubbing like a f**king wuss while drawing this one......
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Oh, that reminds me...
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Thanks Jack F*ckigGOD Kirby
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So, apparently stealing the work of actual artists like Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby is a "good thing"..
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He was father to so many super hero's but in my heart I feel he was the real one... God speed Stan Judy - (Crying) Icon  
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A worthy epitaph for a memorial on his life.
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Well said (to Stan) and a very nice tribute (from You).
A true Super Hero to the whole world.
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He provided his literary skills to the medium and turned it from mere fluff into true art.
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God rest this man's soul. He was the world's lovable dork of an uncle.
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And in Into the Spider-Verse he taught me one last lesson about what we are and the dreams we have

"It always fits, eventually"
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We all cried when Stan went. But Stan wouldn't want us to be sad. So here's something to cheer us up...…

This is how Stan would want us to remember him - as the guy who made us smile and laugh.
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Farewell, Stan.  We'll meet you on the other side - hopefully not too soon.
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I am glad they got his cameo for the next Avengers done before he passed, it will be a bit poignant and bittersweet, but nice to see him one last time in film being his own lovable self.
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If the next Avengers doesn't have "In loving memory of Stan Lee" after the credits, I will egg Marvel headquarters.
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I am sure they won't skip that. I know that they were happy that they'd already filmed his cameo before he passed on. But you are right, they had better do so. They'd never have the material to produce any of the Marvel Movies if it wasn't for him, even the characters he had no direct influence on where inspired by the success of the characters he did influence the creation of. Marvel Comics would have probably folded decades ago without him.
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also don't blubber Stan Lee brought happiness to us and we should stay happy for him no matter the feels
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RIP, you wonderful man.  Your passion will be forever remembered in the work you've left behind.
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Don't worry about it, his death has hit a lot of people hard.  In some cases harder than some people expect.
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SHIT!! This is the first time I've been told of his death.
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