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Quick Time Event

Cutting edge development tools, state of the art graphics and technology, the ability to present pretty much ANYTHING on a screen, and what do games designers keep coming up with?
Simon fekking says......
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I want to do this every time I come across quick-time events.
All problems should be solved via ballistic berserker penguins.
I like the fact the face remained expressionless! It emphasizes the rage fueled homicidal insanity Pip is feeling; it turns him into a psychotic avatar nerdy divine retribution.
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I'm a little confused as to what a QTE is . . . I saw a comment saying that it was pressing a sequence of buttons to make something happen, but only 2 games were mentioned, neither of which I've played. Does it happen at all in PC games? or just console games?
Both, and in nearly every EA game, FPS and so many more.
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about a million better things that could be done than quick time events, but noooo. quick time events themselves could be better, maybe instead of the simon said thing its just an essentially interactive button mashing thing with different for results for the button combination you choose, and the buttons you decide to use have specific influences on the outcome of the scene. still, quick time events should be avoided in general.
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Never play the James Bond 007 game for the 360 then...
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Now what are we saying here, that a psycho gamer will eventually bash a game designers face in or that said psycho gamer will do so while dressed as Pip?
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You see this poll?

It looks like Quick Time Events will be around longer >>
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Hey, by the way, I'm a gamer, but, I'm also an artist! *Epic Pose* Okay, I guess that IS pretty obvious, considering that I'm on deviantART. Anyway, if I get a scanner I might do a comic like this, do you mind if I use Generic Games 'R' Us, and give Pip a Cameo in a van? I would include a link to this page and credit you, of course. I'd also make a comment with a link here.

Also, would you please edit the description telling people who don't know what a QTE is to read the comments, or better yet, just tell them?
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Stop! Pip, Don't do that! Use a car!
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Oh, Pip.
Pip, Pip, Pip...
You shouldn't handle something like this by beating them to death with a controller.
You should handle something like this by strapping them down in rigid, uncomfortable restraints, then forcing them to play through every single one of the quick-time events that they have ever designed and programmed, over and over for days, with only black coffee for sustenance, until they are at the brink of exaustion and are begging you for either forgivenes or death.
THEN you beat them to death with a controller.
i just wait for qte's in a rts. Then ill reenact the angry penguin...
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I guess it has to do with interactivity. I mean, what would God of War be without QTEs? Flash animated death scenes? I can find all kinds on Google.
Not that its a bad thing but when you put the DAMN THING FOR HALF A FUCKING SECOND IT GETS VERY ANOYING :rage:
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I'm in the game design courses at Collins College. and I approve of this comic!
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Hey, Pip; if you're ever headed to Namco/Bandai Games, make sure to call me up. I have quite a few things I'd like to talk with Namco Tales about regarding Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.
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Little gamer kid, fightin' the good fight.
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