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Q.T. on I.B.

Terrible film. How the hell it got made, I'll never know.
Pointless, devoid of charm and utterly schizophrenic. It didn't know if it wanted to be farce, parody, thriller or art flick.
I usually like Tarantino's quirky scripts, because they always go somewhere. They have an ending, a conclusion that you didn't see coming or a twist that, clever or not, is usually pretty entertaining.
Inglorious Basterds didn't and wasn't.
It's unfulfilling mess that is in no way worthy of your time.
Avoid or wait for the DVD so you can watch the thing at double speed, thus halving your inevitable suffering....
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Surprisingly this is kind of how we reaction real life just not as subdued as in the comic.
killb94's avatar
I also didn't enjoy this movie.
squarenuts's avatar
You make it sound like young people shouldn't know about how Hitler died. 
HydraHYD's avatar
:/ what am I seeing, lol
Ryanator50's avatar
It could have been much better if it was just about the woman who owned the theater.
Xyronian's avatar
As a Jew, I can definitively state that the ending to Inglorious Basterds was the greatest thing I've ever seen. The rest, not so much. 
stabkamay's avatar
I love both the movie and this comic 
peppermint-petty's avatar
I actually really liked the movie and still do^^
JecBro's avatar
yo the movie was ok man. i found it funny as. 
SeiuchiKing's avatar
funny as what? I must KNOW!
JecBro's avatar
funny as a Troll.
samutaikaj's avatar
"i see" no u dont ur eyes are full of shit litteraly
Jarvisrama99's avatar
His next film is about the Civil War and stars an African American slave who becomes a bounty hunter and the villian is leonardo dicaprio as a slave owner. :(
samutaikaj's avatar
that is a better love story then twilight
majin88's avatar
I'll stick with guns of Navarrone!
kkandtrey's avatar
I actually liked it, it wasn't the worst it wasn't the best, it just.....was.
L1701E's avatar
My thoughts exactly when I saw this film. The sad part was, I was actually EXCITED to see it.
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oH, I was watching all of your comics and falling in love with them but sorry, I got to disagree with this one. i thought you were talking about Death Proof XD , but, Inglorious Basterds was epic.
It doesn't match the history, is a parallel reality as all QT movies, they are in his own universe, you know, his own marks, same chars jumping from movie to movie... gotta know that to get how they got to kill Hitler haha :D
RiftNinja's avatar
your english i can see how you wouldnt like it
One of the mpost boring films I have seen

Archie621's avatar
Well I personally Enjoyed the film(Christoph Waltz was amazing as the German SS guy)
But many people I know hated it...and from the comments some hate other love mabye its one of those hate it or love it films...

Anyway the comic is funny, its just so..."what the hell?" if I could put it that way...
X4Zeta's avatar
I thought it was fun but is sold slightly short of what it could have been.
'Gnatzis' made it worthwhile though.
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