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Putin's Poodle

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Trump is gone. He is a loser.

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Biden is worse though.

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Guess a pedophile can't be worse, huh?

biden is not a pedo. trump is a racist, a sexist, and a liar, while biden is just outdated.

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You don't know, do you?

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The evil is defeated, but the mission isn't over.

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Yeah, there's going to be a HUGE mess to clean up, considering who left it...

2017: Ruling through executive orders is undemocratic.

Biden, 2021: Hold my Beer.

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This aged poorly.

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"Russia's Putin calls Donald Trump 'a clever man' who will learn" -2016

Is he ready to eat his words yet, or...?

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Communisum is shit. Capitalisim is where it's at.

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I'm coming back here quite often to link this comic to friends, because the longer this goes, the more accurate this gets.

Finland become more and more annexed or what?
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Strange image of Putin. In Russia he is portrayed like this.

AB6FFA6B-2113-49AD-8952-C9CF36A61A51 w1597 n st by Ermanarih
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What are the lables saying?

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BBC = Fake News

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It's amazing you made him look like a good boy. Like, Trump just looks so happy and youthful and.. Not himself at all.

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Surpirsed you didn't (if I haven't seen it my bad) Putin place the button on him.
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Oof, this didn't age well.

Still funny though
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