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Putin's Poodle

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Little question, JollyJack. Trump has imposed sanctions on Nord Stream 2 and made agreement with Poland to make american bases in PL.

Now Biden has withdrawn sanctions on Nord Stream 2 and US Army tinks about relocating american soldiers from Poland. First thing was huge favor for Russia. Second will probably be too.

Still thinking Trump was "Putin's Poodle"?

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The sanctions imposed were pretty toothless and the EU flat out said it wasn't going to pay attention to them. It was just another hollow display and Russia knew it.

Similarly, Biden's lifting of the sanctions was a political showpiece to try and mend ties with Europe. If the sanctions weren't actually doing anything in the first place, it's pretty meaningless.

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Sanctions were blocking almost finished NS2, which is threat for the central Europe (including PL) because Russia can send gas straight to Germany, avoiding central Europe transit. This will be tool for pressuring central Europe in situation like few years ago, when Gazprom halted gas delivery for Ukraine, so they bought it from Poland.

Biden literally gave Putin half of the Europe.

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What does any of that have to do with your question of "Do I still think Trump is Putin's poodle"?

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Trump was blocking Russia's influence expanse.

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Trump is gone. He is a loser.

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Biden is worse though.

Good to see you crying about the loss.

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Why would I be crying? How many chromosomes do you have?

Because you're upset that the fat bitch trump is a loooooser!

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Trump supporters who based their entire personalities around trump worship need to get lives.

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No, I based my entire personality through live. How high are you?

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Guess a pedophile can't be worse, huh?

biden is not a pedo. trump is a racist, a sexist, and a liar, while biden is just outdated.

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You don't know, do you?

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The evil is defeated, but the mission isn't over.

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Yeah, there's going to be a HUGE mess to clean up, considering who left it...

2017: Ruling through executive orders is undemocratic.

Biden, 2021: Hold my Beer.

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This aged poorly.

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"Russia's Putin calls Donald Trump 'a clever man' who will learn" -2016

Is he ready to eat his words yet, or...?

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