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Pillars of Hercules

By jollyjack
The ancient Greeks called the peaks of Gibraltar and those of North Africa “The Pillars of Hercules”.

According to mythology, the Greek hero pulled the two pillars together to keep monsters in the Atlantic and out of the Mediterranean.
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Oct 21, 2009, 12:48:05 PM
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Maddog3060's avatar
Wow! I've always known intellectually that they were pretty close but seeing them both in this picture is striking. Really drives home how tiny that opening is compared to the sheer insane importance it has in the world.
Darien-the-guardian's avatar
i'm not quite sure if there is such a thing in our mythology, but nice shot anyway
ShinigamiWyatt's avatar
Jesus wuz here. Hercules is a douche.
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
really now.....? how come you haven't been a photographer? you got a good eye for it.
Silvpaladin's avatar
Oh no that man just fell off!
Figures I would make a fall joke. ¬.¬
8vian's avatar
jade-storm's avatar
D: you suck! i want to go there.
KhaoShar's avatar
Herc' was great, what with all the demi-god buisness and such. Just somehow I can't imagine him with arms that long 8)
Awesome picture.
thecursor's avatar
Okay, so that stops all the SEA monsters....what about the ones that fly? Man, Herc was not a "planner" was he?
AtholTheDestroyer's avatar
hehe, maybe he was just planning on chucking rocks at them.
tomjhyde's avatar
That is an absolutely stunning shot. You have quite the eye!
Fukaimori247's avatar
These look alot like some mountains i saw in Italy :3
knytcrawlr's avatar
spacecowboy76's avatar
I guess then that i kinda sucks that he let go now doesn't it?
Phantasim-Fan's avatar
You took all these? they're great.
juxvma542's avatar
I got a nice one of this rock from the water. :P
About 25 years ago.
androidman's avatar
good story, not as good as the one about the atlas mountains..also to do with 'herc' !

Abakkus's avatar
Kinda interesting how it's all greenery on once side, and rock on the other.
Denizen-Of-Blue's avatar
That is a simply astounding shot!
Coco-Apple's avatar
Whoa. :heart:

Perfect. Shot. <3
RalfMaximus's avatar
"Mush, damned you, MUSH!!"

--Heracles driving the 60-Ox Olympic Mowing Team
Raptor3k's avatar
Very nice shot. Going to see this drawn in a background of yours soon??
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