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This purple kitty (along with the Lord of Games) were two of my visual designs that feature prominantly in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.
Quite proud of 'em :D
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Probably one of my favorites, next to Jolly's new design.
sergeant-Moggy's avatar
Why do I missed a lot?
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i must congratulate you on getting not one but two of your creations into a game of one of the greatest game series. jack
Nieprawicz's avatar

What is the name of the game? Can you tell me?

Wait...i already know the answer

XxSilvadowxX's avatar
this cat was freakin me out when i first played the game XD but i cant lie, its adorable now :3
Steven-G's avatar
You mean the the cat's design in-game was yours? Very cool. If only the game turned out a little better
Teh-Lucario's avatar
What are you talking about? It's a great game.
McTweeter's avatar
Gerdderm Cet, Run me off the road, WILL YA?!?
JoniGodoy's avatar
I like too much the style, too!
DemiKid1000's avatar
awww look the cat

grunty: heres a present for you piddles *reachs down*
piddles: RRRRRAAAAOOOOWWWW *bites her*
Shardshifter's avatar
hehe, thats two evil looking kittens.
and when Miss Biggles gets angry...people DIE!
ChekhovsGun's avatar
You did Piddles? They brought out the hopping with the tiny legs!
Worshipthesock's avatar
i love it..
an evil cat..
that is right up my alley :P
Anebrd's avatar
EVil kitty! Cool concept
zJoriz's avatar
Cool! Well designed.
AeonsShadow's avatar
she looks so... dangerous *poorly hidden laugh.*
STMPIOTA's avatar
I thought the Klungo Arcade art looked like your work. Any chance we'll see that image in your gallery? It'd make a killer wallpaper.
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I think Rare were going to release it as a wallpaper.
Keep an eye on their site.
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Meh wants tha Kittieh!
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