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New DevArt Layout

By jollyjack
You know what I really don't have time for? Trying to work out how to use a clunky, unfriendly new interface for all the stuff that, just a few hours earlier, I had no problem doing.
(It's actually taken me 3 attempts just to upload this damn picture correctly)
Thanks so much for forcing "Eclipse" on us, DA. Go die in a fire.

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Now my submittion process takes 8 times longer and give me time to enjoy the beautifull amount of pop-up-messages i have to dodge. In a regular sub-process i hit the WANNA BUY CORE?!-button four times. I really think they imagen this as positive remember of core membership.

I'm emotionally on a point where harsh words just aren't enough ...

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You speak wisdom, sahib.

*Sage nod.*

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Yep agreed, DeviantArt's original layout was fine

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It is horrible. There is so much more things to navigate around now as it wants to force people to look at what's trending/new.

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I geel this completely. I barely use my da only because i cant even delete things or drag and like as before, and the phone version is even more clunky. I have to select my name THEN go to my gallery like wtfudge man!!!

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I'm still mad about it. It performs worse and is harder to navigate. Can't drag to favorites, either. So much to complain about.

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Wow. That was my same reaction too.

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I see that you share my rage. Have a Llama badge

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Its worse I can't even figure out how to now see all the people I watch
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I can't figure out how to delete all these deviations (different from the last time I logged in), I can't favorite them, I can't even visit the page from the photo. why would those things be removed?!?!

I'm sure it's obvious, I just can't figure it out

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so apparently Im NOT the only one who had troubles with that new DA bs !

(according to this post and the comment section it provides)

and just when I (/we?) thought the new logo was the worst idea this site could come up to !

the only nice add-on to this new version is the possibility to like comments and replies now.

Still not worth the whole crap though.

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Yeah I'm not a fan of this at all.

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I agree 110%, way to fix something that isn't broken DA!

Let the Latin scream chanting begin...=P

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I literally just figured out where my watch list was.

I'm with you. Fire cleanses all sins

The trouble with Eclipse is that it isn't physical.

If it was , all you would need to fix it is a gallon of petrol, all over it...

… and a match.

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That's basicly Markiplier right there when something don't go right

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Finally! I finally figured out how to get to my watch list! Now I just need to sort through everything...

The old layout used to have a search function for individual da galleries. Not anymore

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The comments and activities are my new bane. Lots of lovely watchers going un-thanked for the simple fact that sorting the comments is way to distracting.

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The new interfaces even less friendly on a mobile device. Never mind the fact that the app doesn't work so well either.

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have to say : I thought it would be helpful for me to go on DA with my phone to check my group's posts anytime..

turns out it got even harder now cause I cant even figure where to go to check my group's features !

Also had to get a different browser to make this thing work on my computer.

Now I feel old cause I miss the good ol' time when internet was simple and easy.. (2 years ago)

Thanks, DA !!

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