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Neko Cola Optimum

By jollyjack
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A sample from the first Apsara update of 2019 -…

The direction this one took was decided on by polls through my Patreon.

It's a follow-up to last year's "Buxom Wanderer".

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Super Meowtant by jollyjack
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cullyferg2010's avatar
Must be something in the (unholy) water?
And now with a new isotope!

A taste that will blow your mind!
Kinggigasmon's avatar
The joy of cola.
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Really? She wasn't big enough already?
Tcode004's avatar
I can't buy Both "Buxom Wanderer" and "Neko Cola" (I think I can say I can't buy any thing in LuLu).

So is there some another way to buy them ? (I can buy only the things that has "buy now" on apsara but only some comic have "buy now")
Drakin929's avatar
The only other way to see it, as far as I know, would be to sign up for JollyJack's Patreon page and cycle back through the archive. This was posted there first as a voting story. Fans got to vote on choices made on most comic pages to see how this would turn out.
Katfeathers's avatar
Was enjoying that vote when it seemed like it just poofed in the middle
auburn42's avatar
This this is why I came here, thanks.
TheVoidSlayer's avatar
This is what you get when the Far Side meets Fallout.
hachimitsu-ink's avatar
THE HELL IS THIS AND WHY am I laughing my ass off on that last panel XD!!!
tomgarcia's avatar
Randommode's avatar
Not your weirdest comic, but it tried XD 
Theredrighthand's avatar
Probably my favorite one you've done in a while. So glad to see the buxom wanderer return, and I loved the little mini storyline it had. The epilogue was particularly fun. Keep up the good work!
Uchiky's avatar
I think these are the funniest censorships I ever saw.
NezumiYuki's avatar
At the risk of becoming felidae, I wouldn't mind trying this Cola. :D
DarkerEve's avatar
Always in the best part, damn youu hamster.
DBrentOGara's avatar
Looks great so far! I just love your Fallout-themed works! :love:
InsultComicBishounen's avatar
Is that the Sun Fizz mascot?
Letrune's avatar
I got some issues and all that.
Like, sure, I like all that comic before the main point, but the hamster now taken a bit too long to appear.

Also, does it means Neko World is essentially Fort Knox for the wastelander economy?
Wulfspider's avatar
And so was born the Nekoclaw, the Deathclaw's dangerously cuddly cousin.
s0lar1x's avatar
Ooh, Cola~ o3o
rwstyles's avatar
You would need to do some serious tap dancing to explain how no one found this place before.  Almost an obligatory problem in this sort of story I suppose.

ThreadsOfSilence's avatar
I like how the full story extolled the values of self-sustaining business rather than expending the entire inventory for a lump sum of income.

Also, Neko Cola master race.
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