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More reliable than a garden strimmer.

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Arnold Rimmer, from Red Dwarf.
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He's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer.

Without him life would be much grimmer.

He's handsome, trim, and no-one slimmer.

He will never need a zimmer.

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A year and a half late, nailed the flared nostrils. ;)
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Smoke him a kipper, he'll be back for breakfast.
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Anyone else reminded of the Lord Bravery bit from Freakazoid?
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We need one of him in his "Mr. Flibble" phase. Because Mr. Flibble will be very cross otherwise.
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there he is in all his nostril flaring smegheadedness.....if you're in trouble he'll save the day
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Lolz jollyjack better draw an ace rimmer soon or that line is going to waste 
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But think of the comments.  Five hundred lines of the same thing.
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your point being?
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the smeghead himself
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Ace would argue with this, another excellent rendering 
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I loved this guy. How could such a despicable character be so relatable?
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Looking back, you realize despite all his faults... he never did give up.  I'd've quit the Astro Navigation Course after two failures, but he kept on trying fourteen times.  Fifteen if you count that stroke.  So you gotta admire that sort of determination.
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Rather it be ACE rimmer! "Smoke me a kipper, ill be back for breakfast!"
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"Stroke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas!"
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He'll be up up the ziggurat, lickety split!

Nice Red Dwarf fan art, I see I'm not the only one eagerly awaiting the new series in September.
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Fucking yes! Show that Small-Rouge-One love!!
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