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Moon Boots

While she doesn't wear them often, she does have a fine collection of foot-wear.

Kat's one of my webcomic's ([link]) most popular characters.

Oooh.....this one's popular. A couple of colab-colours already!
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The outfit she's seen wearing does look quite stylish on her, that's for sure. ;)
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I tend to like the boots very much!
she needs a tattoo going down her stomach
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Kat's also your most sexiest character too =P
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Aw I thought it was the ones with the trampolines...
Yes, she's wearing moon boot, but she doesn't wear much with it.
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no one is complaining.
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Nice outfit she has on. :meow:
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Would you mind if I tried to color this?
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Them is some really awesome moon boots
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Now that's cute :D FAVED
tanksmallcape's avatar
napolean dynamite!
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Kat and Scarlet are both adorable... I loathe you! D:
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Soooo wish I had a body like that....
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very cute kitty ^^
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zomg i want teh moon boots :0
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Very cute :3 Love the boots and her expression.
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I luv this!
(and she should wear those more often, lol)
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very nice job she's cute!
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Mucho awesome.... I may try coloring it.... do I have to get permission? If so, pwetty please may I colour it??
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Those... are AWESOME. ^o^
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And hot.
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