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My take on The Cat, from Red Dwarf. Made him a little more feline.
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<3 Red Dwarf is Amazing!
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Danny John-Jules I knew it just for the little preview square. Good job 
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How'm I lookin'?
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That is off the chain!
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the sexy feline man
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You Could say I'm a little...... TONGUE TIEEEEED!!!
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OW! Someone is looking Daaangggerouuuus!
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That is definitely Cat, if the production could have afforded a better make-up job. 
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"I'm looking nice. I'm looking better than nice- I'm looking DANGEROUS!"


"Whas- that? That's my shadow!"

"I'm lookin' nice! Ma shadwo's lookin' nice- What a team!"

"Ok team. This way!"


"No- this way!"
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"He won't find THAT one!"
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I so loved this show growing up.
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Meeeeeooowww! And purrs for that too. He looks just wonderful like that. I've always adored The Cat and you bring out more handsome cattiness in him. Wonderful!
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excellent! LOL!
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Oh My Gosh.... THIS IS CAT :D :heart:

You should print this and take it to a convention where Red Dwarfcast hangout, get Danny John-Julesto sign it :D
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"I'm lookin' nice...nah I'm lookin better than nice,I'm lookin' goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood"
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What a magnificent creature :D
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(sprits) "This is mine!"
(sprits) "and this is mine!"
(sprits) "Ooh and that's mine as well!"

Cat wondering about one of RD's cargo holds, marking crates with a perfume bottle
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"My six nipples are tingling with excitement!"
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I kind of think they might have, had they the budget.... it's really hard to say- one of my favorite shows of all time. :) 
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